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If you would like some help please choose the course here: and let us know your application ID and we can help you choose a suitable program.

In order to give you assistance, we need to know:
– Your start date
– The program you want
– Your budget
– Your email address

You can choose all courses here:

Our basic service is free.
If you would like more assistance throughout the process you may be interested in our premium service here to have your personal advisor.

MBBS Programs have limited spaces in China.
Because MBBS is very competitive many students ask for our assistance. 
Please check the information here.
You can also choose the programs and apply yourself here.

Please send us your proposal and target program so we can check.
You can apply for a supervisor yourself here.
You can also use our PhD application service here.

How much does it cost to study in China? You can check our cost calculator here, to get a more detailed budget to download.
More information about the costs fees are here.

Applying for scholarships early is the key because many scholarships go on a first come first serve basis
You can also register for scholarship updates here.
Because of the time required and the huge demand from students, unfortunately we are not able to provide free service if you are applying for scholarships.
We can help you help you with our Scholarship Application Service here.
For a free review, please send us a note with your application ID, and maximum budget so we can review your application, we can then check on any relevant scholarships available based on our database, and experience.

Nigerian students guide is here.

How to apply:

Please complete the application form here: and let us know your application ID so we can follow up

Documents Preparation is here:
Applying as early as possible is really important. If you don’t have all the documents now, you can often submit your application now and send the remaining documents later. 

You can make the application fee payment here:

You can pay by wechat, alipay, bank transfer, western union, or bank card. Please send us the receipt after you’ve paid so we can check and confirm it has been received successfully.

Application Fee covers the cost of your preparing your visa
You can also fast track your application here, or with one of our application services.

About the Application Fee:
The application fee is non-refundable and required to process your application. It covers the cost of preparing your admissions letter and visa form and sending to you in your home country.

The Refund Policy is here

Did you apply already to the university yourself and they stopped responding? We can help manage your application and follow up with the university. Please send us your application ID and order our priority application service here.

Application Process
After your application has been processed, our admissions staff will follow up with the University each week. Some universities give results on a first come first serve basis. Others will process at specific dates, for example June 30th each year. We will give you an application ID and inform you of any updates. We will also give you the University application ID which is unique to each university. 

We will follow up each week with the university

Can I transfer?
Transfer students are difficult and most universities can’t accept them.
If you would like to transfer, you need to have a letter from your existing University which explains that they accept you to be transferred. You also need to send all your transcripts.

We charge a $200 USD service fee for our transfer service but we do not guarantee that it is possible. We will only do our best. To proceed, please go on the application system and check upload all the documents and let us know your application ID.

After you have been accepted you will receive your acceptance letter and JW202. Most Universities will give to you electronically and then ask you to pay the deposit before sending the hardcopy.

Please book the arrival form here so we can make arrangements for your arrival here

Please add us on wechat when you have been accepted so we can introduce you to a buddy here.

We have arrival care service to give you some more help with your arrival in China, please check here.

Have ideas for how we can improve? Please leave us feedback here.

We are always hiring smart, ambitious people who care about helping students realise their dreams. If you are looking for a career with us, please check all available positions here.

If you would like to find work in China please complete the form here.

Do you have question not answered above?
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