Chinese University Acceptance Rates for International Students

Chinese universities are growing more prestigious and competitive each year, with acceptance rates reflecting the number and quality of students choosing to take their study journeys in China.

In 2021, nine Chinese universities were ranked in the world’s top 100, compared with just four in 2015 according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings. As China has developed, the quality and prestige of its universities have increased dramatically in a short amount of time, and will only get better from here!

Our mission is to help you successfully apply to Chinese universities. Since China Admissions was founded in 2016, we have helped prepare over 140,000 applications from international students for Chinese universities. Since 2020, there are over 23,000 registered users on our platform. If you want the best chances to get into your preferred program, we’ll help you prepare the best application possible.

To give you the best chance of a successful application, we frequently analyze reasons for rejection from previous applicants and follow up with universities. We believe knowing acceptance rates and common reasons for rejection can help increase your chances of being accepted. Our job at China Admissions is to help you prepare the best application possible for your desired program!

Entry Requirements of Chinese universities

Please check out the Chinese university entry requirements here.

Chinese Language Program Acceptance Rates

The acceptance rate for Chinese language programs has been high and China Admissions has streamlined the process for convenient application.  It takes less than 12 minutes to complete the application for Chinese programs in China on the China Admissions platform. China Admissions has a 98% acceptance rate for Chinese language programs.

The most common reasons for not being accepted to a Chinese language program are:
1) Students Age (being under 18 or over 65)
2) Nationality – there are some countries that can’t be accepted
3) Not preparing the application documents correctly

We strongly suggest you take the Quiz to check your eligibility before applying. With such a high acceptance rate, most of the time you only need to apply to one Chinese program, but it might be a good idea to apply to two or more if you would like to have more options.

MBBS Acceptance Rates

acceptance rates for mbbs in china

MBBS programs are extremely competitive in China and are filled up each year. The quality of students applying for MBBS programs is very high. The most common reason applications are rejected for MBBS programs is simply that the student was good, but there were stronger students applying. The acceptance rate for MBBS students is around 58%. If you are applying for an MBBS program we strongly suggest you apply to 3-5 universities, and we also have an MBBS application service to help you through the process.

MBA Acceptance Rates

MBA program acceptance rates are quite competitive depending on if you are applying for a top MBA in China. The acceptance rates for MBA programs are highly personalised according to each student. The most important thing is to have a good GMAT score and to answer the essay questions well and perform well in the interview.

China Admissions has a lot of experience helping students apply to MBA programs in China. If you would like a free consultation then book a free call with us here. We will give you a free evaluation of your chances, help answer your questions, give you some free advice about which MBA program might be more suitable for you, and also introduce our MBA application service.

Common Reasons for Rejection

The most common reasons for application rejections are: 

– Age not matching the requirements. Please check the entry requirements.
– Documents are not completed (Read more about documents here)
– Country (Unfortunately some countries such as Nigeria and Iran have difficulties applying).
– Weak application. Some students don’t present themselves in a professional way.

How to Increase Your Chances

Make sure to read about how to prepare the application documents here. If you have any questions, then check out our support center here.

Book a Free Call

Chinese universities are getting increasingly competitive. China Admissions has helped thousands of international students to get accepted into China’s top universities. If you would like to arrange a free call with our professional counsellor, you can book a time for a call here.

In addition, you can read our Ultimate Guide to Chinese universities here. Begin searching for programs and applying online here.

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