Study Law in China in English for International Students

study law in china in english

China is one of the best countries to obtain a law degree. To be an expert in international law, one must be well-versed with Chinese law and its complex legal system. Many elite Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University offer quality law degrees in a multitude of specialized areas such as commercial law, comparative law, international law and civil law.

With the development of China’s economy, Universities are internationalising, and there are more and more competitive courses in law. Students studying law in China will receive a high quality international education, often at the fraction of the price of elsewhere.

How long does it take? 

A bachelor’s degree in law takes four years in China, two years for master’s (LLM) and three years for full-time doctoral degrees in Law.

When are the intakes? 

Most Chinese universities have two intakes each year. One in September and another in March, international students can start the Law program in any of these two intakes.

Why Study Law in China?

In addition to academic excellence, China is an excellent place to study Law because of it gives you access to China’s top legal scholars, leading lawyers, judges, business and political leaders.

The Chinese government taps law schools in an advisory role for national legislation and judicial practice, therefore, allowing students to learn only from the best.

Chinese universities offer a unique teaching approach that combines comparative and international law as faculty and professors have vast judicial experience and are at graduates of the world’ s leading law schools. In fact, there are Law degrees in China that are taught in English.

Pursuing a Law degree in China also ensures a wealth of opportunities. It enables you to build networks and connections enhancing your employability skills and career options. Graduates of law in China usually gain careers within the country or abroad.

Law Curriculum

The law curriculum in China is more or less similar to those from the US, Europe and Australia. Students are required to take a combination of general education and required courses during the early years of study. Law electives and law internships must also be complete to qualify for graduation.

Some sample curriculums can be seen on our program pages here.

Tuition Fee

Yearly tuition may vary depending on the program and university.

– For a bachelor’s degree in law, the yearly tuition ranges from US $2000 to $6000.

List of Law Programs in China

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