Study 1 Semester in China

Have you always wanted to study in China, but you’re unsure if it’s right for you? The best way to get a sense of university life in the country is to study a semester program in China!

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Nearly all programs offered in Chinese universities can accept students for one semester. We don’t have all these listed on our platform – but just let us know which university you would like to apply to by sending us an email at and we can process it.

Some of them include exchange/visit programs, academic excursions, internships, Chinese language courses, cultural immersions and summer programs. Once you complete these programs, you will be able to receive a certificate of completion.

Most one semester programs follow the academic year in China with spring semester starting in March and ending in mid July and the fall semester starting in mid September and ending in January. Others start at a specific period and some can start anytime of the year, such in the case of Chinese language programs.

Admissions requirements for one-semester programs are sometimes simpler than formal degree programs. This includes a valid passport, medical health examination, bank statements, and more. However, if you are coming to China as an exchange student, your school may require a certain GPA.

1 Semester Programs in China


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