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China Admissions was founded in 2010 by international students from United Kingdom and is the official international representative for top Chinese Universities.

Since 2010 China Admissions has helped hundreds of international students study at China’s Top Universities.

Official China University Representatives

We are supported and trained directly by Chinese universities, cooperating and liaising with on a daily basis. We have official international representative agreements with Chinese Universities meaning we are able to assist you in applying to and studying the best University of your choice.

We are a trusted partner of Chinese Universities. Our University partners include:

Chinese University Partners

About Our Team

We are a diverse team spanning various cultures, languages and experiences. But we all share the same dedication to our vision below.


Richard Coward, CEO
Sophia Wong, BD
Anton Strogonoff, Technical Lead
Nicky Tian, University Relationship Manager
Faraji Melata, Student Counsellor
Gerrit Rosam, Marketing Manager
Noonie Yan, Recruitment and Admissions Officer
Nikola Margit, Content Manager
Pepi Illiev, Content Manager
Isingizwe Didier Frank, AI Developer
Marco Polo, 24/7 Online Assistant


China Admissions Founder Richard Coward speaks at China Education Conference in Beijing

China Admissions: CEO’s story

Rich can be contacted at:
Email: rich (at) china-admissions.com,
Wechat:  richyingjie
Linkedin, at https://www.linkedin.com/in/richcoward/

Our Vision

Our vision is to give foreign students access to opportunities to understand, learn about and build their career in the most exciting country in the world. We are driven to build stronger and deeper connections between China and the world.

We believe in pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers.
We have seen the power of studying abroad in China ourselves and the huge impact this can have to completely change students’ lives.

The world, China, technology and education are going through a period of huge change. Through all of these changes, studying abroad is becoming more and more valuable. As a way for students to grow and understand more about the world and become global citizens. We want to empower people with education that will improve their lives and those of their families.

But there are still many barriers to this, both real and perceived barriers and we seek to break down these barriers. To push boundaries. To embolden students. To connect Chinese Universities with international students, so that every student can have the opportunity to study abroad.

Education is long term and we are building long partnerships. We are open to cooperation opportunities and welcome proposals that align with our vision.

Your Free Service

As we are funded by the Universities, the service is free for international students.

If you are interested in studying at a Chinese University we can offer you support and guidance that will:
– Help you to choose the most suitable University
– Improve your chances of being accepted, and
– Speed up the time it takes to receive your acceptance

Your Application Simplified

We help international students to apply through every step of the application process.

We make sure to follow up with the Universities to check on your application, make sure to resolve any issues efficiently.

Communication with the University Simplified

We are always available to answer swiftly. We speak Chinese and are in constant contact with the offices, often liaising on a daily basis. We can reply and resolve any issues quickly.

Apply to Multiple Universities

We can help you to apply to a number of top Universities at the same time, increasing your options.

Start your China Adventure Today

At China Admissions we encourage students to pursue their interests, aim for excellence and attend a University that suits all of their requirements. We are confident that by using our service, your application process will be more simple, quick, and efficient and that you will maximise your chance of being accepted and of succeeding in China.