Inspiring Student Experiences from UIC’s Global Community

As China’s higher education sector continues to gain global interest from international students, one university stands out in particular. Set in the beautiful, modern city of Zhuhai,  United International College is a top choice for students from abroad. Don’t just take our word for it; hear from UIC’s international students directly to get a better idea of what you can expect, and if this is the right university for you.

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About UIC

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) is a public university in Zhuhai that is committed to welcoming international students and providing them with a rich and diverse learning environment. It is a collaboration between two highly-regarded institutions, Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University, that marks the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. UIC adheres to the philosophy of liberal arts education and implements a holistic and internationalized curriculum. 

What International Students Love the Most 

When asked to share their experiences, there were many shared sentiments about UIC that students seem to agree on. Here are some of the key aspects that were mentioned about studying at UIC: 

  1. Opportunities to explore new ideas, hobbies, and skills: UIC offers a conducive environment that encourages students to venture into new areas of interest and develop their talents. 
  2. Growth in language competencies and confidence: Studying at UIC provides many opportunities for international students to enhance their language skills in both English and Chinese, fostering proficiency and self-assurance.
  3. Welcoming faculty and students: The faculty members and fellow students at UIC are known for their warm hospitality towards international students, creating an inclusive community that fosters mutual support.
  4. Cultural exchange with diverse perspectives: With its large body off students from around the world, UIC offers exposure to different cultures and perspectives, which lead to greater confidence, wisdom and cross-cultural understanding.
  5. UIC’s to-notch facilities as an advantage: Students appreciate the amenities provided by UIC, such as the restaurants, canteens and residential areas, and express how they contributed to an  enjoyable living experience. 
  6. Studying in China encourages personal growth: By embracing new experiences beyond their comfort zone, the students embraced personal development through academic, social and cultural challenges. 
  7. Supportive teachers and resources: The dedicated faculty members at UIC are known for their supportive approach towards guiding international students’ academic journeys while providing necessary resources when needed. 
  8. Interesting classes & activities: The academic and cultural experiences offered by UIC stimulate intellectual curiosity among international students. The International Development Office (IDO) host a variety of activities for international students throughout the year. UIC’s strategic location also offers many off-campus experiences for foreigners to integrate with the local community. 

International Student Experiences

I chose UIC for the opportunity it presented to study Chinese language and culture. Thus far, UIC has been a very beneficial and memorable experience. I have made several great friends, and love my Chinese roommate who has been very supportive in helping me adjust to life as a UICer. I enjoyed several of my classes and met faculty and students from around the globe. UIC has really given me a unique perspective and, as a foreigner studying in China, has opened my eyes to the numerous possibilities that an opportunity such as this presents.

– Alea Gardner from the U.S.

It’s been a memorable year so far with all of my Chinese friends and other foreign friends. As a foreign student, I think UIC is one of the best places to study Chinese culture and the language. UIC offers Chinese class for international students and all international students are absolutely welcomed by all the UIC Chinese students. I personally gained special memories and friendships this year and I am very grateful that I got a chance to study in UIC.

– Sieun Lim from Korea

UIC is a great place to be a student because it makes me feel included and welcomed right away. Not only are the staff and faculty very helpful, the students are friendly to a new face like mine. I also have great opportunities to explore new ideas and practice old hobbies and skills with the resources at UIC. It is awesome to have UIC to support and guide me at this important time of my life.

Shen Perry from the U.S. 

If someone ask me what is the strongest advantage of this university, I will answer it is language! Before I came to this university, I was not interested in learning English at all and my confidence about English was very low. Since I entered in this university, I had to deal with everything in English and Chinese. After time goes on, I realized that doing presentation in English is not a big deal to me anymore. Therefore, I highly recommend you if you want to learn English or improve your confidence in English, you can come to UIC and get what you want at here!

– Dong Won Min from South Korea

In many ways, taking a chance or making a big change in your life is a huge leap of faith. Not many people like to make that leap because of the common fear of the unknown, or the reluctance of leaving the comforts of the daily routine. In my case, I made a long journey to make that leap of faith, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever partaken.

Studying in UIC has vastly improved my ability to adapt, my language skills, my confidence in living on my own, and my academic prowess. If you are reading this, I presume you want to have new experiences, or ways to create big and better changes in your life. If you’re deciding on where to go to achieve those goals, I promise you that UIC will provide you with the once in a lifetime opportunity to accomplish them.

Shane Lionsheart Schmid, Exchange Student from the U.S. 

Living and studying at UIC was a great experience. Most of people met there were really interested to know about you, about your country and your customs. So it was really a pleasure to share moments with them and discover thanks to them China. The UIC teachers are always available to help and classes were interesting. The school proposes a lot of activities and there is a lot of restaurants to discover the famous Chinese food every day. Finally, speeding all this semester with others exchange students like our group was a really BIG BIG plus.

– Manon MistreLille, Exchange Student from France 

When coming to China, I was worried about my ability to fluently speak Chinese. Coming to UIC gave me the opportunity to live and study in an environment great for learning Chinese through socialization, but without having to worry about the difficulty of Chinese language in the classroom. It was the perfect combination of both worlds. I also loved the new facilities and many restaurants and canteens on campus. The villages around campus were incredibly fun to hang out with all of my new friends.

Sarah Elizabeth Buford, Exchange Student from the U.S.

Apply to Study at UIC in 2024

You can now explore and apply to the various programs offered by UIC by using the China Admissions platform. If you are planning to join the September 2024 intake, make sure you submit your application before the deadline of May 15, 2024. Early applications have a higher chance of success, so we recommend that you start as soon as possible. In case you need help, you can book a call with us to discuss your options in detail.

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