Application Services

We offer the following services to help you apply and find courses at your dream university in China. Our core service is free. You can search and apply to universities for free on our platform (You can search here).  We also offer free support by email, whatsapp. Please register to get started here.

We also can offer guaranteed service, we will review your application and give you  more personalised support throughout the process. To set up a call please book a time with our counsellor here.

Our Application Services:

Additional Application Services

Scholarship Application Service

Many international students are asking us about scholarships and we provide the scholarship application service.

Follow Up & Verification Service

There are a number of students who have applied directly to the university but have difficulties communicating and ask us for help to check the status and process. This can happen during busy periods such as application deadlines or holidays such as spring festival or summer holiday.  We can help to follow up on your application for free and give you updates about what to expect.

There are also students who have applied through an agent in their home country but have lost contact, or would like to check if the admissions letter they have received is genuine. We offer this verification as a free service. We will check with the university if the admissions letter you have received is genuine.

Student Services

We offer the following services to help you with your arrival and experience in China. Please check the link below for more information.

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