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Free Service

Arrange your free consultation today to apply to Chinese Universities for free! *If applying to multiple Universities, you can pay less to apply through us than applying direct to the Universities themselves.

Use our service for free information on studying in China by our expert team. We have a good understanding on different programs in China and close relationships with Chinese Universities , we can give you the most up to date and reliable information. Your application can also reviewed informally before it is officially processed. We are also able to fast track your application so your application can be processed faster than if applying by yourself.

Our Free Service includes:

– A free initial 40 minute consultation with our China University expert on skype
– A personal advisor to assist you throughout the whole application process
– Free personalised advice
– Advice on the costs for studying in China
– We will give you a list of suitable programs
– A list of the application documents you need
– Free review of your application documents
– Full and ongoing updates on your application from application to acceptance
– Visa assistance
– Free Accommodation Advice and Booking
– Free arrival & welcome instructions
– Free and ongoing support on your course until after you graduate

Please note you will still need to pay the application fee for applying to the Universities (normally between $65-$150 USD). This covers the processing visa form application fee, and sending the admissions letter to you by mail.

*You can apply to any University in China through our free service. If they are a partner of us, there is no extra fee. If they are not a partner of ours, there is a $50 USD. If you apply to more than one Chinese Universities and one of them is partner of ours then there is no extra fee.

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