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With the growing population in China, the government has enacted reforms to strengthen the healthcare sector through various health initiatives, as well ensuring quality nursing education.

China’s Nursing program aims to develop a professional nurse who is able to assume positions in health facilities or community settings. The professional nurse is capable of providing safe, humane, quality, and holistic care to individuals in varying age, gender and health-illness status.

Levels of nursing education in China

There are three different levels in nursing education: diploma, advanced diploma and baccalaureate degree.

The diploma program usually lasts for three years with the aim to teach students basic technical skills in nursing. The advanced diploma is a three-year associate program teaching general training alongside nursing theory and skills. The baccalaureate degree is offered by colleges and universities in a four or five year duration with focus on broad nursing foundation and associated sciences.

Masters and doctoral nursing programs are also available for students who want to pursue higher education, advance their nursing careers and work in research-related fields.

Some of the top nursing schools in China offering English-taught nursing programs include Dalian Medical University, Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU), Chengdu University (CDU), Jilin University, among others.

You can read more about Bachelor’s in Nursing in China here.

Why study nursing in China?

China is a great place to study nursing because of its advanced healthcare system and prestigious hospitals. Many Chinese universities offer quality English-taught nursing programs for international students with intensive practicums in some of the best hospitals in China. Other important reasons to study nursing in China include:

  • Low cost of nursing education
  • Numerous scholarship opportunities
  • A wide-range of employment prospects
  • International recognition

Nursing Curriculum

During the first two years of a nursing program in China, students spend most of their days inside the classroom learning nursing theories and mastering their technical skills through practicums and simulations. The last two years are spent in classroom lectures as well as clinical exposures/internships in affiliated hospitals.

The nursing curriculum is composed of: general education courses, professional foundation courses, nursing courses, electives and hospital internship. A uniqueness of the Chinese nursing curriculum is the integration of the course Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture into the program, although the allocated time is only minimal.

Tuition fee

Depending on the college/university and the location in China, yearly tuition for bachelor’s in nursing ranges from US $2,500 to $7,000. Master’s and doctoral programs in nursing may have higher rates than bachelor’s programs.

List of Nursing Programs in China

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