Student Experiences

Is China a good place to study? What is the best university in China? Find out what university life in China feels like and how you can adapt in the Chinese landscape.

If you plan to study in China, you have many great things to look forward to. However, China is a whole new world. The country has a different culture, ideology, language, and traditions.

Read the challenges, triumphs, and adjustments through the eyes of a university student studying in China, and see if the country is right for you!

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Indonesia to Shenzhen: Nathania’s Experience at CUHK-Shenzhen

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Magdalene’s Experience with the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

From South Africa to Fluent in Chinese

How is your experience studying online with Chinese universities during COVID?

How Does the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA Empower Women Entrepreneurs?

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