XJTLU Student’s Winning Formula for Academic Excellence

Sohyun Bahng, a South Korean student pursuing a BEng in Industrial Design at XJTLU, has been recognized as the Best Overall Academic Performance Winner on graduation ceremony. Her outstanding academic results are a testament to her dedication and hard work throughout her university journey. In our latest interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Sohyun to discover her secret of success.
When asked about her study routine and strategies, Sohyun emphasized the importance of good time management. In Industrial Design, where assignments play a significant role, starting early and seeking feedback from professors are crucial in producing high-quality work. She also highlighted the significance of attending classes and participating actively, especially in design majors, as tutorial sessions provide valuable feedback that greatly contributes to improving one’s work.

To effectively balance coursework, assignments, and extracurricular activities while maintaining high academic standards, Sohyun stressed the need for a daily plan that is both realistic and manageable. Breaking tasks down into smaller, achievable chunks allows for a sense of progress and motivation. She also emphasized the importance of flexibility, adjusting plans when unexpected events arise, and moving forward with determination.
“The beautiful part of this approach is that it’s self-motivating. When you break your work down into smaller tasks, you can actually see the progress you’re making day by day. It’s like a snowball effect – the more you get done, the more you want to do. It fuels your drive to work even harder, and before you know it, you’re not just managing your time well, you’re also achieving more than you thought possible.” She says.

For current students aspiring to achieve academic excellence, Sohyun advised not to shy away from interacting with professors. Particularly in design majors, good communication skills and feedback from others are crucial for improvement. She encouraged students to take advantage of the approachable and supportive professors at XJTLU, who provide valuable insights and advice. By demonstrating commitment and reaching out for help when needed, students can create opportunities for themselves.
“The professors in our Industrial Design department are genuinely kind-hearted and super supportive. One of the best parts about our school is how approachable they are – we have so many opportunities to get their insights and advice. If you’re missing out on this, you’re definitely leaving some valuable experiences on the table. It can be a bit stressful at first, but once you push past that initial fear, there’s a whole world of knowledge and support to gain from these interactions.” She says.
Reflecting on her time at XJTLU, Sohyun regarded serving as the Student Representative and the SSLC Undergraduate Chair during her fourth year as a significant experience. Despite initial apprehension and the challenges of juggling responsibilities and remote work, the support from her professors and classmates enabled her personal and academic growth.
The recognition she received from the professors during the End-of-Year party was a touching moment that exemplified the supportive community she cherished at XJTLU.
“A particularly touching moment was at our End-of-Year party when the professors recognized my hard work with a bouquet of flowers. That moment was one of the most emotional and memorable ones during my time at XJTLU. This experience truly highlighted the supportive and wonderful community I was a part of during my university life.” Sohyun says.

Group picture at End-Year-Party
As an international student, Sohyun described her journey at XJTLU as an adventure filled with both fun and challenges. While the cultural differences posed some complexity, she emphasized the value of taking the first step and reaching out to bridge the gap. By actively engaging in school activities and interacting with peers, she formed friendships and gained a broader perspective. These experiences not only enriched her university life but also developed her into a more open-minded individual, equipped with valuable skills for her future career and personal life.
“These experiences were invaluable, not just for the friendships I formed, but for the personal growth I experienced. I learned about different cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking, which I think broadened my horizons and made me a more open-minded individual. I believe these skills, the ability to connect and collaborate with diverse groups of people, will be immensely beneficial in my future career and personal life. Plus, going through all this has given me a new sense of confidence and adaptability. These are the real takeaways from my international student journey.” She says.

Sohyun’s journey as an international student at XJTLU serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the rewards that come from stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing new experiences. Her achievements and personal growth stand as a testament to her dedication, adaptability, and willingness to connect with diverse groups of people. With confidence and a broadened horizon, Sohyun is ready to embark on her future plans with enthusiasm and determination. We wish Sohyun all the best in her future endeavors as she continues to excel in her chosen field.
This article was originally published by XJTLU Global.

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Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) is an international joint venture university founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University in China and the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. As an independent Sino-foreign cooperative university, it captures the essence of both prestigious parent universities and is the largest of such universities approved by the Ministry of Education in China.

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