Fees and Finance

Studying in China is an affordable option for many students, but you may still incur some costs. Read our scholarship guide to learn more about how you can subsidize your university experience, or check out the Step-By-Step Guide to the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Application Fees

Application fees are charged by the university to cover the costs of reading and processing your application. They usually range from $50-$150 USD. Here are the universities with no application fees.

Service Fees

Service fees are charged by China Admissions to cover our own costs of reading and processing your application, especially for universities with a very difficult or complicated application process. We offer more than 40 universities with no service fees! Here is the full list of universities with NO service fees.

How to get a scholarship?

We have written out a guide you can read here, or watch the video below.


How much does it cost to study in China?

It can vary depending on your living costs and which programs you are studying.. You can see the exact cost on the program page here, and read more about the general cost of living in China here. You can also try our cost calculator.

Do I have to pay service fee to China Admissions?

Our basic service is FREE because we are funded by the Universities. You can read more about our free service here.

But we also have Priority Service, Guaranteed Service, and VIP service which are paid services.

How is China Admissions free?

We are free because we are funded by the universities.

Can you help me with my application and give me support?

Sure, we can help you with choose a program here, and you can also contact us for support here.

You can also upgrade to our award-winning VIP service with our professionally trained counsellors. We can give you much more support throughout the application process.

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