How to pay the fees as an international student in China

There are a few different types of fees you will need to pay in China.

Application Fees

The application fees are payable for each university and normally they are $80 – $150 USD per university. You can pay the on China Admissions platform on the link here.  They are required to be paid when you apply and they are non-refundable in case you decide to withdraw your application. This goes to the university and covers the universities’ cost of process your application and preparing your admissions notice and visa form and sending it to you by DHL to your home country.

Deposit Fee

After you have been accepted by the university you will receive an official admissions notice from the university which will have instructions on how to pay the deposit. This is normally a portion of the first years tuition fee (normally around 10,000 RMB). You should follow the instructions on the letter and pay to the university bank account.

Tuition Fee

You can also pay the tuition fee in the same account as your deposit fee. Some universities allow you to pay when you arrive in China. You should first open a bank account when you arrive in China and transfer money to your bank account and then pay from your bank account in China to the university.

You can also pay directly from abroad in USD if the university allows.

Accommodation Fee

The accommodation fee should also be paid to the university account after you have been accepted. You will get instructions from the university on how to pay for this.

Insurance Fee & Books & >Living Expenses

The insurance fee, books and living expenses should be paid when you arrive in China and we advise you to pay from your bank account in RMB. The insurance fee is normally less than 1000 RMB. Books are also relatively low cost in China and normally less than 500 RMB

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