Emmanuel’s Journey to Outstanding Achievement in Final Year Project at XJTLU

Congratulations to Emmanuel Jr. Suh Cheo for receiving the “Best Final Year Project” award! His outstanding research on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Cameroon’s Anglophone region has been recognized and applauded. Let’s hear from Emmanuel as he shares his project and the inspiration behind it.

Can you tell us about your project and what inspired you to choose this topic?

“The inspiration behind my project stemmed from the deep sense of service I felt towards my community, being personally connected to the anglophone region myself. Witnessing the dire situation since 2017, when the socio-political conflict between anglophone secessionists and the Cameroonian government began, has been a profound experience that motivated me to take action and contribute to addressing the pressing issues faced by the displaced population.

In my project, I focused on investigating the plight of the estimated 600,000 displaced people in the anglophone region of Cameroon. The conflict has escalated from simple protests in 2017 to a full-blown armed conflict, resulting in the destruction of livelihoods and mass loss of life.

By conducting my project, I aimed to contribute to the growing body of evidence highlighting the urgent need for targeted interventions and support systems for the displaced individuals. Addressing the mental health challenges and other social issues faced by this vulnerable population could significantly improve their overall well-being and facilitate the process of healing and rebuilding their lives.”
How did you approach your studies to achieve such outstanding results? Can you share some strategies or study techniques that helped you excel in your coursework and project?

“To achieve outstanding results in my studies and project, I used thoughtful planning, innovative research approaches, and collaborated with field experts. For my project on IDPs in Cameroon’s anglophone region, I conducted field-guided interviews instead of traditional surveys. By integrating questions naturally into engaging conversations, participants felt valued and provided deeper insights into their perspectives and mental health struggles.

To ensure accuracy, I collaborated with the medical unit from the University of Bamenda, as I am not a certified mental health specialist. Their guidance ensured accurate and credible data, enhancing the reliability of my research findings.

My approach to studying involves meticulous planning and disciplined execution. By mapping out activities, managing time efficiently, and covering topics comprehensively, I have achieved exceptional results in my coursework and project.”

What kind of support did you receive from your professors or mentors during your final year project? How did their guidance contribute to your success?
“During my final year project, the support from my professors and mentors greatly contributed to its success. Dr. Karolina Pawlik at XJTLU, my supervisor, provided guidance, explaining complex concepts and research methodologies. Her input ensured a robust study design and accurate findings. She also offered valuable feedback on the project’s structure and content, pushing me to refine and improve it. Dr. Pawlik’s assistance in obtaining ethical clearance was crucial. Her mentorship made the process smoother, ensuring ethical conduct and participant well-being.Prof. Atanga Mary Bih Suh and Dr. Glenn Mbah from the University of Bamenda provided tremendous support. Their expertise in health sciences and working with vulnerable populations, such as IDPs, was invaluable during fieldwork. Their guidance helped me approach sensitive topics with empathy and professionalism, ensuring reliable data collection.”
You received a great offer for a Master’s degree after graduation. How did you prepare for the application process, and what factors influenced your decision to pursue further studies?
“To prepare for the Master’s degree application, I meticulously researched universities and programs aligning with my interests and career goals. I maintained a competitive academic record, engaged in relevant extracurricular activities, and obtained strong recommendation letters to strengthen my application. Crafting a compelling personal statement showcased my passion and vision for future academic and professional pursuits, ultimately leading to a great offer for the Master’s program at the Academy of Film at XJTLU.”

What aspects of XJTLU’s education do you believe contributed to your success?
“My experience at XJTLU has been transformative and immensely beneficial for both my career and further studies. One significant aspect that greatly influenced my success was the peaceful atmosphere in Suzhou, where the university is located. The serene environment allowed me to focus on my studies and research without distractions, fostering a conducive learning environment.Moreover, XJTLU’s education system played a crucial role in preparing me for my career and future academic pursuits. The university places a strong emphasis on practical learning, which helped me develop hands-on skills and real-world experience relevant to my field of interest, especially in SOFTA.Additionally, XJTLU’s international faculty and diverse student community provided a rich learning environment. Interacting with professors and students from various cultural backgrounds broadened my perspectives and enriched my understanding of global issues within the film industry.Furthermore, the university’s emphasis on research and critical thinking honed my analytical abilities and encouraged me to explore innovative ideas. The encouragement I received from my mentors and professors to delve into my research interests gave me the confidence to pursue further studies in my chosen field.Lastly, XJTLU’s strong support system for students, including academic advising and career services, played a pivotal role in shaping my career path. The guidance I received from faculty members and career counselors helped me make informed decisions about my academic and professional journey.

Overall, XJTLU’s peaceful atmosphere, practical learning approach, international exposure, emphasis on research, and strong support system have collectively contributed to my success and prepared me well for both my career and further studies.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about your journey as an international student, your achievements, or your future plans?
“My journey as an international student has been a remarkable and rewarding experience, despite the challenges posed by learning online for several years due to COVID and managing the time difference. Adapting to this new mode of learning was initially daunting, but with patience, perseverance, and determination, I navigated through the obstacles.The support and dedication of my lecturers played a crucial role in my success during this time. They were always available for quick Zoom calls, ensuring that I stayed updated with the course material and had the opportunity to clarify any doubts. Their commitment to the students’ success and willingness to go the extra mile made a significant difference in my academic journey.Being in a new country added an extra layer of complexity to my experience. I had to not only adjust to the academic demands but also immerse myself in a new culture and way of life. It was a period of self-discovery and growth, where I learned valuable life skills and built a strong support network within the international community.Through all the ups and downs, the perseverance to keep pushing forward and the determination to excel in my studies and achieve my goals never wavered. The path was not always easy, but every step was worth it. I am proud of the accomplishments I have achieved and the person I have become during this journey.Looking ahead, I am excited about my future plans. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained from my time at XJTLU, I am eager to pursue a fulfilling career in the film industry. I hope to make a positive impact in this field and contribute to the creative world through my work.”

Emmanuel’s journey as an international student at XJTLU has been defined by perseverance, resilience, and a determination to succeed. Congratulations to Emmanuel Jr. Suh Cheo on winning the Best Performance in the Final Year Project. It is a great honor and a testament to his talent and hard work. We hope his interview story will inspire many aspiring students.

This article was originally published by XJTLU Global.
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