5 Tips to Get a Scholarship in China this 2024?

China is one of the biggest providers of scholarships for foreign students. In fact over 50,000 international students are studying in China under a scholarship. If you’ve been eyeing to study in a Chinese university, here’s how you can get a scholarship this 2024!

Top 5 tips to get a scholarship in China in 2024

In China, looking at your test scores, credentials, class rank, and similar data is not enough. Most Chinese universities will evaluate students as a whole.

1. Learn Chinese

Knowing how to write and speak Chinese is an impressive feat in your resume. It simply shows your interest in China, its culture and history. Study online Chinese language programs or this Chinese culture course and get a certificate after completing classes. You can also search for more Chinese language classes here.

2. Participate in study tours and Chinese university fairs

Joining study tours and Chinese university fairs shows your commitment to study in China. This gives you the opportunity to meet the admissions officer of Chinese universities, ask questions and get a feel of the university. Since the pandemic began, Chinese universities have turned to online information sessions, see upcoming events and join here.

Some universities offer discounts for students who attend their admissions events! Northwestern Polytechnical University, for example, offers an admissions fee waiver.

How can you know about all these upcoming events and join them? You can see our list of upcoming events here, and also join our WeChat groups!

3. Create a well-prepared study plan/personal statement letter

Your study plan/personal statement letter gives you the chance to express what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants. It allows the scholarship committee to find out more about the you on a personal level. Make sure to write sincerely and formally, here’s a sample template that you can use.

4. Submit your documents early

Documentation is very important when applying for scholarships in China. Make sure to prepare ahead so you can submit materials the earliest possible time. Use our comprehensive scholarship guide to get started!

5. Get updated with available scholarships

Every year, thousands of scholarships are made available by the Chinese government and Chinese universities. To keep yourself updated, be sure to check our page about scholarships in China to get the latest information.


To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you can apply in Chinese universities that are located in smaller cities or provincial areas. Compared to universities in Beijing or Shanghai, universities in provincial areas have lesser applicants.

Types of scholarships in China

  • Chinese University scholarships – these scholarships are offered by universities and they cover your tuition fee, as well as the cost of your accommodation.
  • Government scholarships – one of the main goals of the Chinese Ministry of Education is to attract more international students to study in China. For this reason, the government offers a variety of scholarships for overseas students.
  • Independent scholarships – these types of scholarships are offered by distinguished alumni, big companies and charitable institutions. Independent scholarships can cover the full or partial tuition fee.

How to apply for a scholarship in China

To apply for Chinese government scholarships, you can do it by yourself through the China Scholarship Council website. For university and independent scholarships, they usually provide a contact person or a link where you can apply and upload the requirements.

For a hassle-free scholarship application and guidance, we offer a China Scholarship Application Service for students. Read more about it here.

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