China Scholarship Application Service


The scholarship application service is our service to help you to apply and successfully awarded a scholarship. There are over 50,000 scholarships for foreigns students each year in China, and Scholarships normally include full tuition fees for the program, accommodation, and monthly living expenses.

Through applying for scholarships for a number of years we understand the process and can guide you through it and help you to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship. We can also assist with the preparations of your documents and recommend you for scholarships.

The application process for scholarships can be difficult to understand. There are a number of steps required to complete the scholarship process, if documents aren’t prepared correctly or there is an error in the application documents then your application will normally be rejected. Because of the large amount of students who are applying for the scholarships every year it is very difficult for the scholarship committee to notify students individually. If your scholarship is not successful, normally you will not be notified.

We review your documents, assist with your scholarship application at every step, and manage your application, which increases your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

We offer three application services for you to apply to Chinese Universities for 2017 entry. Please note that scholarships are only processed for September intake, and spring intake is not available.

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About the scholarship application process

There are a number of different scholarships each year in China. The main scholarship is the China Government Scholarship which is open in February / March each year, and is only open for the September intake.

About Our Scholarship Application Process

– We provide you with a free consultation session by skype
– Assistance in choosing target University and programs
– We review your application documents and give feedback before submission
– We submit your application to the target Universities
– We submit your documents for scholarship application
– We monitor your application at each step of the way, providing feedback and updates
– If your scholarship is not successful, we will submit your application for other available scholarships until you are accepted.

Service Fee

The first step is that we provide a free consultation, we then look at your documents to assess your eligibilty for the scholarship. If we believe you are eligible for the scholarship then we will proceed with your application. The fee is $95 for our Starter Service, $290 for our Application Service and $790 USD for our Guaranteed Service which we ask for in advance and this includes the University application fees, visa fee, and mailing the documents to your home address. If the scholarship is not awarded to you then we refund you $500 USD.

We have thousands of students who are interested in using our service but only 100 limited spaces this year. For this service we want to continue last year’s record of 100% success rate, so we will carefully review your application documents and only accept your application if we think we can help you to get a scholarship.

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In 2017 we will be offering our scholarship application service to only 100 students. These will be on a first come first serve basis. To apply, please send your application to us below. If you would like more information, please click “Register Interest” on the right and we will contact with more information.