How To Write A Personal Statement Letter: A Sample

Have you ever tried impressing somebody that you went to great lengths to get their approval? It’s the same way as writing a personal statement letter.

China Admissions supports international students throughout their application journey. During document preparation, a common question that always pops up is, “how do you write a personal statement letter?”

Before we share our best tips to write an excellent personal statement letter, it’s important that you understand the purpose of this letter and how it can increase your chances of getting accepted into your chosen university.

What is the Purpose of a Personal Statement Letter?

A personal statement letter is a promotional essay about yourself. Sounds so “out there”, right? But it’s true. This kind of letter is a reflective essay that showcases your own interesting story, and why you’re a great candidate to the course/university you’re applying to.

Contrary to what most students believe, admission committees actually scrutinize every applicant’s personal statement letter. Although they consider other credentials, the personal statement letter has weight in identifying worthy applicants.


Best Tips To Write An Excellent Personal Statement Letter

We suggest you write in the format below. Make sure you emphasize the following:

  • your background;
  • why you want to apply to the program and;
  • what you plan to do in the future and how it will help you.

Here’s a sample personal statement letter that you can follow:

Your Name

Your Address


University Name

University Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

(Introduction) My name is <your name> from <your country> and I would like to to apply to the <program> at <your university>.

  1. A paragraph introducing your background, academic ability, and discusswhat makes you a strong candidate.
  2. A paragraph explaining why you are interested in the program and how you found out about the program. You can also mention people who helped you such as China Admissions or friends in China. Explain what you know about the program and what are the strengths of the program. Show that you’ve done your homework and that you understand the program and university.
  3. A paragraph explaining your future plans and career goals, how the program will help you, and what you plan to achieve in the future.

(Conclusion) Briefly summarize the content of your letter.

Thank the reader for taking the time to review your application (e.g. “I look forward to the opportunity to study at your university.”)

Yours sincerely,

<Your name and signature>

<Your email>

<your phone number>

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