3 Steps to a Great Personal Statement for a Chinese University 2024

An excellent academic track record is definitely impressive for your application to a Chinese university. It can open opportunities, increase your chances of getting accepted to your dream university and get you scholarships. But do you know that a great personal statement letter is equally important?

When screening students, most Chinese Universities look at three parts:

  • Your CV: to check your professional accomplishments
  • Your transcript: to check your grades and academic history
  • Your personal statement: They assess the overall performance of students, including knowing who you are, your goals, and why you’re a great fit for the university/program.

This is where the essence of a personal statement for a Chinese university comes in. It is your chance to share your vibrant personality, unique character, dreams, goals, and more.

A personal statement has one goal: to promote YOU! In this video, Rich shares how you can write an amazing personal statement and how to make your application stand out for all the right reasons.

As you can see, writing a great Personal Statement for a Chinese university involves thinking about yourself critically: your ambitions, goals, and expectations. You need to state these clearly and creatively so that the university can see you as more than just an application. They’ll learn to see you as a student on their campus!

For more information about the different sections of a personal statement to a Chinese university, you can read this comprehensive article. We also have a free sample personal statement letter there that you can use as a guide!

Content crafter at China Admissions with nine years of professional writing experience. Fil-Chinese who honors my heritage every day. On a fascinating journey exploring China and tracing my ancestry. See China through my lens.
Christine Chiu

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