7 Excellent Online Chinese Courses to Study Chinese Anywhere, Anytime

So you’ve decided to learn Chinese, but how do you begin? You’re a busy professional with a full-time career and inserting language school in your hectic schedule is not a very realistic choice. One of the best ways to learn Chinese is to enroll online!

Online Chinese courses are a different approach to language study, but they are as effective as classroom-setting, or even more advantageous. Make the world your virtual classroom and experience multi-media learning from the best online Chinese courses.

7 Best Online Chinese Courses to Learn Chinese Fast

Do you want to learn Chinese on the go? Save time, energy and resources? Choose from any of these online Chinese courses and improve your language proficiency!

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

One-on-one Online Chinese Classes are taught by the Online Education College of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). The program can be a comprehensive Chinese language training program, or as an add-on program to provide personalized lessons to promote oral fluency.

Best feature: BLCU emphasizes practicality in teaching Chinese. The university places a high priority on your ability to immediately use and apply what is learned in the classroom.

Apply for BLCU’s Online Chinese Program here.

Besides the One-on-One class, BLCU offers Group Class for HSK 1-4, you can check here.


Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC)

TICC Online lessons are a good way to practice Chinese on a daily basis. The class will be held daily (Monday to Friday) for about 1 or 2 hours each. Have fun together with your class and learn together to achieve your desired HSK level. Receive a course-completion certificate at the end of the course.

Best feature: TICC Online Class is very much affordable, starts from US$ 3.5 per class!

Apply for TICC’s Online Chinese Program here.


Culture Yard Language School

Culture Yard offers one-on-one Mandarin lessons for all types of learners. With flexible scheduling, Culture Yard’s experienced teachers are all native Chinese speakers who will work with you to adapt your lessons to your language-learning needs.

Best feature: Classes are naturally engaging and fast-paced, and you can work with your teacher to adjust the speed and content to how you would like to learn.
Apply for Culture Yard’s Online Chinese Program here.


Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

CLI Online lessons are held to the same high standards as classes taught at the CLI Center in Guilin. Individualized lessons ensure that your language level, learning pace and style, and personal requests are all carefully assessed to tailor-make a Mandarin class that is perfectly suited to your needs.

What is it really like to study at CLI? Watch the video!

Best feature: CLI offers a variety of study options for their online Chinese program, you can choose from: Comprehensive Chinese, Business Chinese, Spoken Chinese, and Chinese Culture and History. There are also study options for kids and teens.

Apply for CLI’s Online Chinese Program here.


That’s Mandarin (TM)

That’s Mandarin‘s Chinese Online Course is taught by native, highly qualified Chinese teachers who deliver lessons via their in-house learning platform and ap. With TM’s personalized Chinese lessons that meet your learning goals, you will ace the Chinese language in no time. 

Best feature: That’s Mandarin can arrange a free trial class for you so that you can experience TM’s methods directly and find out what makes them different from other Chinese language schools.

Apply for That’s Mandarin’s Online Chinese Program here.


Mandarin House

Since 2004, Mandarin House has helped over 50,000 foreigners from 130+ nationalities to speak better Mandarin. They are also the stable, reputable and trusted corporate Chinese cultural and language training provider for over 300 international corporation partners in the world.

Best feature: All courses are learning outcome-oriented and strictly follow the curriculum, Mandarin House breaks courses into levels to provide you a clear picture of learning focus.

Apply for Mandarin House’s Online Chinese Program here.


LTL Mandarin School

LTL Mandarin School’s Chinese Online course are taught by their expert teachers, who also teach their full-time and part-time courses at LTL. They have different online courses depending on your needs such as the Continuation Course where you can keep on with your studies at home once you finish your LTL course.

Students at LTL Mandarin School
Best feature: You can choose from different modules under the Online Chinese language program depending on your learning speed/level. This includes the Preparation Course, Continuation Course, and Standalone Course.

Apply for LTL Mandarin School’s Online Chinese Program here.

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