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Dear Students,

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Online interviews are the new normal and it can be confusing to know what to expect from the interview and how to succeed.

It is much better to come into the interview fully prepared so you don’t have to worry about what to say and can instead focus on giving the best message and tailoring to your interviewer.

We are pleased to offer the China interview service to help to give you an advantage in the interview. Save time in your preparation, give you some personalised tips, and help you to feel confident so you give a great first impression.

Preparation – discussing with you about the interview background and expectations and how to prepare for it. We also talk with you about why you want this, and discuss your future goals.

Introductions – We also introduce you to other students who have studied on the program so you talk to them and get “insider information” and learn more about the program.

Practice Interviews – We then give two practice interviews with you. The first one we will give you extensive feedback about how it can be improved, and also help to highlight your strengths and what to emphasise to have the highest chance of giving a great impression.

The total price for the interview preparation starts at $250 USD.

You can order through the link here.

Founder and CEO at China Admissions. Originally from UK🇬🇧, based in Beijing. Studied at Peking University & BLCU. Preparing for HSK 6. Hope we can help more talented international students have the same amazing experiences and opportunities that I have had
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