China Admissions 2024: Updates for Universities!

2024 is here and we are excited to share our updates with you.

Explore the progressive advancements unveiled by China Admissions in 2024. From an expanded marketing services to the introduction of our innovative Marco Polo AI Chatbot and the rollout of an enticing Video Filming Plan. We understand the challenges universities face in reaching students and simplifying the student recruitment process.

Student Recruitment Market Updates

  • China as a study destination is steadily rebounding. With the opening up of China’s borders in 2023, we’ve seen a growth compared to 2022 in the number of students who are searching and seriously considering studying in China. The market demand does seems to still be at below 2019 levels, and it also seems to have changed, with with more students from South East Asia, Asia in general, overseas Chinese.
  • Their research journey has changed. For those who are applying from Europe or North America, they usually already have already some connection with China, have been there before, or have been learning Chinese.  Recommendations and word of mouth are also significant sources for students, as they usually take action when friends or family suggest trying to study in China. Establishing short term programs is an effective strategy to grow in these markets.
  • More students are conducting research online. The last few years has accelerated the trend towards digitilisation of education. Since almost everything is available online now, students are taking advantage of this convenience for easy searches. Student stories and testimonials play a crucial role for students considering universities, providing them with trust and value, so they understand what it’s like for students studying at a specific university.

The Challenges

The Challenges It is difficult for international students to search for courses and apply to Chinese universities. There are lots of options for them and it is hard for them to find information clearly across many websites and to make the best choice. It is also difficult for Chinese universities to attract international students who use many different platforms from all over the world.

About China Admissions

China Admissions is an online platform that helps international students learn about and apply to Chinese universities. It is convenient for students to search for and compare courses, so that they can clearly understand the different courses and detailed information offered by various universities and make the best, most informed decision for them. We provide marketing and recruitment services for Chinese universities to help top Chinese universities reach target students.

We are an international and Chinese team from top Chinese universities with international backgrounds and experience in the technology and international customer service, such as Uber, Grab etc. In our team, we can speak English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, and Malaysian.

Why Choose China Admissions?

📈 1) Grow Student Numbers

Through our high quality content, events, and social media, email and student community resources we have the largest reach that can amplify your reach globally, develop student recruitment markets and boost enrollment numbers. 

🌎 2) Improve Your Campus Diversity & Student Quality

Diversity on campus and quality is increasingly important. Our students are extremely diverse from 195 countries, and include a significant number of high quality students. We have experts in team knowledge from Europe, USA, and South Asia and access to multilingual marketing resources.

3) Simplify & Upgrade Your Work Process

We help make things easy for you through our technology, processes, services and Chinese speaking and international service team. By sharing the latest data and using our resources we can help you gain leverage and build a competitive advantage so you can focus on the most important parts to reach your recruitment goals.

Our Advantages

China Admissions supports universities in three key areas:

🌎 1) Our Expertise in the International Market

Our team has an international background from countries including UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, China and have experience learning Chinese, and studying in top universities in China. We understand China, and what it’s really like, from a Chinese and international perspective and how to introduce programs in China to students all around the world. 

🧑‍🎓 2)  Reach Your Exact Target Audience

There are millions of potential students around the world. Targeting the right kind of students is extremely important because most students already have their own plans or ideas. Promoting your programs on China Admissions gets you right in front of the pool of top international students who are already interested in China and are actively searching to learn Chinese or study at the top universities in China. 

🤔 3) Target students exactly when they are researching and making a decision

Students begin their search an average of 8 months before applying. They use our platform for research, inspiration, asking questions, and searching courses. You can get your programs in front of them at each stage of the process and at the moment they are searching for a program, and  repeatedly target these students throughout the process to see the best results. 

What’s New in China Admissions 2024

1. Expanded Marketing Services

Beyond traditional avenues, we offer comprehensive marketing services, including events, articles, and strategic promotions on our platform, ensuring universities reach their target audience effectively.

We also help in featuring universities on our social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. With thousands of followers and subscribers, we can effectively help universities reach students.

Here’s a preview of our platform’s search results

Check our articles page here.

Explore our event page here.

2. Marco Polo AI Chatbot

We have launched the newest technology, the Marco Polo AI Chatbot! It helps students quickly get information and makes the application process smoother. With our AI chatbot, we’ve automated 95% of inquiries, providing better service for students. This represents the future of student recruitment.

Read more about the Marco Polo AI Chatbot here.

3. Video Filming Plan

In an exciting venture, we are introducing a Video Filming Plan, allowing universities to showcase their campuses and programs. From March onwards, universities can schedule filming sessions, enhancing their online presence.

You can explore more about our sample videos here.

Your Next Steps!

China Admissions invites universities to join us in the pursuit of educational excellence. Embrace our new initiatives, capitalize on our marketing services, and let us help you navigate the evolving landscape of international student recruitment.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to help more international students understand and experience the richness of China. 

You can learn more and book a call with us or request more information here.

Angel is from the Philippines and is responsible for a wide range of tasks at China Admissions to help students achieve their dreams. She is focused on boosting the company's growth presence, writing articles, and assisting with applicant screening.
Angel Tolentino

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