International Student Recruitment Videos

Videos are extremely important for marketing because it is difficult for students to understand what China, and the experience studying in your university is really like. Watching stories of other students can also be extremely effective in attracting students to follow the same path. Sharing videos is essential and can be useful in many stages of the marketing and recruitment process. We have our own video editors in our team and we have experience filming and creating videos for universities in China to introduce the university and programs.

Our advantage for creating videos is that we deeply understand the needs of the students, and have deep experience in international marketing and recruitment. We will work with you to create videos that demonstrate the advantages of your university and what will have the biggest impact in marketing and recruitment. We can also utilise our platform and marketing channels to share the video to target students.

Each 3 minute video takes about 2-3 days of filming and the editing can be completed in 2-3 weeks. You will receive all the shooting material so you can make future edits.

Some examples are below:

University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

Tsinghua University School of Law

Beijing Foreign Studies University – International Business School

Alicia from Germany – Student Interview

Sabrina from Austria – Peking University Interview

The article is here:


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