Meet Marco Polo AI – our new super fast customer support

In a world where technology continually shapes how we live and learn, China Admissions proudly introduces its latest innovation—Marco Polo AI. Much like the renowned merchant and explorer, our Chatbot brings a wealth of knowledge about China to your fingertips and designed to enhance the experience of international students on our platform.

Why Marco Polo? Just as the historical Marco Polo embarked on a journey exploring China and documenting his experiences, Marco Polo AI is here to guide you through the intricate landscape of university applications.

We believe in leveraging advanced technology to make the university application process smoother, more efficient, and tailored to the needs of aspiring students from around the world.

We hear you; that’s why you don’t need to wait for a longer time just to have your simple question answered via email!

Furthermore, we understand the challenges that international students face when navigating the complex landscape of applying to Chinese universities. To address these challenges, we have incorporated state-of-the-art artificial intelligence into our platform, creating Marco Polo.

What Sets Marco Polo AI Apart?

1. Instant Assistance, Anytime, Anywhere

Marco Polo AI is available 24/7, delivering instant assistance and responses to queries at any time of the day. It can assist you in finding the right programs and universities in China based on your interests, budget, and academic background.

Additionally, it can furnish you with detailed information about the application process, required documents, program selection, and living in China.

2. Efficient Application Support

Specializing in assisting students on their journey to study in China, Marco Polo AI streamlines the application process with prompt responses. It also provides direct links to China Admissions’ website, blog, YouTube channel, and online application platform for easy access to additional information.

3. Focused and Simplified

Marco Polo AI simplifies complex processes by breaking them down into manageable steps, focusing on the most important aspects to ensure clarity. You can also inquire about budget-related matters.

4. Speak Your Language

We understand that you might want to speak in your native language, and Marco Polo is able to answer in any language.

How to Access Marco Polo AI

Engaging with Marco Polo AI is as simple as visiting our platform. Whether you’re exploring universities, reviewing program details, or in the midst of the application process, you can initiate a conversation with our chatbot from any page at our platform.

1. Search for

2. Click the chat icon located at the bottom right.

3. Enter your email address, full name, and phone number.

Don’t worry! You can access it instantly after logging in; there’s no need for a code or verification of your email address and phone number.

4. Type your message and receive a response within just a minute!

Try for yourself

Try out our Chatbot AI today and discover a new level of convenience, efficiency, and personalized guidance on your journey to Chinese universities.

We love hearing your feedback on how we can make your experience even better, and we’re always working to improve our features and services to help you achieve your goals!

At China Admissions, we’re not just shaping the future; we’re shaping your future.

Click the chat icon located at the bottom right of the page to access our Chatbot now and let the conversation begin!


*Please Note that Marco Polo is our early version and still training and may have some errors. Please read the terms and conditions and agree before starting the chat.

Questions about Marco Polo AI

How can Marco Polo AI help me find the right university and program in China?

Marco Polo AI is designed to assist you in discovering the most suitable universities and programs based on your interests, budget, and academic background. Simply ask about your preferences, and Marco Polo will provide personalized recommendations.

What information can Marco Polo AI provide about the application process and required documents?

Marco Polo AI is your go-to source for detailed information on the application process, necessary documents, program selection, and living in China. Feel free to inquire about any step in the application journey, and Marco Polo AI will guide you with relevant and useful details.

How quickly can Marco Polo AI respond to my inquiries?

Marco Polo AI is available 24/7 to provide instant assistance. You can expect quick responses to your questions, helping to streamline the application process and save you time. Whether it’s day or night, Marco Polo is here to support you on your academic journey.

But if you would like to ask complex questions, you can book a free call with us here.

Angel is from the Philippines and is responsible for a wide range of tasks at China Admissions to help students achieve their dreams. She is focused on boosting the company's growth presence, writing articles, and assisting with applicant screening.
Angel Tolentino

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