The Top 5 Reasons Your Application Will Be Rejected, and How to Get Accepted

Do you wonder how to get accepted into a Chinese university? Writing a successful application is the goal of every student, but sometimes applications get rejected by universities. Our admissions team has analyzed the top five reasons applications to Chinese universities are not successful, and seven tips to get accepted.

We hope by sharing this, it can help you avoid common application mistakes and write a successful application to your dream university! Read on to learn how to get accepted.

Why your application will not be successful: 5 Reasons

The application rejections usually are in two categories: reasons from the applicant, who has a problem with their own application, and reasons from the university.

Reasons from applicants:


  • All applicants should be above 18 years old. If applicants are under 18 years old, they need to find a guardian in China (learn about how to study >18 y/o in China here). The guardian can be a Chinese person or a foreigner who is living in China. Remember a student can not become another student’s guardian.  Above this, different universities have different age requirements. For each  degree the age limit as follow:
  • Bachelor applicants’ age should under 30
  • Master applicants’ age should under 35
  • Ph.D. applicants’ age should under 40


Academic performance and background

  • We have different types of universities and they have their own entry requirement. For example, for MBBS program require applicants should have at least math, physics, chemistry and biology grades on the transcripts.
  • Some particular programs like engineering or education category requirement similar study backgrounds. Ph.D. programs require a similar background from the master study. Here is the article to help understand how Ph.D. application in China:

how to get accepted - application rejection

Reasons from universities:

Too many applicants, too much competition, and limited seats

  • Every intake, universities have a certain number of students for recruitment. They cannot accept more students than their quota allows for. So we suggest that you apply as early as possible to have a better chance. There are also more scholarships for students who apply earlier.

Program is not available

  • This reason has often come up during the application process. If there are not enough students who apply or no suitable teacher to teach this course, universities will cancel their programs. Sometimes plans change!

How to Get Accepted into a Chinese University: 7 Tips

At China Admissions, we work tirelessly to help you succeed in your application. But we can’t do everything–we need your help to craft the best application for your program!

Here are the best tips and advice from our admissions teams on how to create a winning application:

Get organized for deadlines

  • Check the entry requirements and required documents ahead of time. Most of the time, you can find this information on the university’s website or right here on China Admissions!
  • You will need to prepare many documents for your application. Some of them, like getting a new passport or a health check, take time. You need to stay organized, set a to-do list, and calendar reminders to complete all steps in time.

Apply to more than one university

  • If one university rejects your application for any of the reasons above, you’ll want to have a good backup plan to fall back on. Choose three top Chinese universities you want to enroll in. A back-up plan is essential in case you don’t get into your first option.
  • Some college admissions counselors recommend you choose three universities: a dream school (your top choice that may be hard to get into), a reach school (a school you meet the requirements for and are pretty sure you can get in), and a safety school (a program that you are definitely going to get into).

Apply early

  • This is the top way to give your application the best chance of success. Many Chinese universities organize their admissions by first-come, first-serve, meaning that earlier applicants can get their place secured ahead of later applicants. You may also get special discounts, like scholarships for early applicants.
  • Learn more here.

how to get accepted- prepare college application

Write an impressive personal statement

  • We advise international students to write an impressive personal statement letter. Besides your intent and future career plans, this letter will showcase your personality. It will also help determine why you’re a good fit for the program and university.
  • Avoid using slang, informal English, or poor grammar (don’t use words like wanna, kinda, shoulda–use “want to,” “kind of,” and “should have”)
  • Start writing your personal statement letter here.

Ask your teachers for an enthusiastic recommendation letter

  • Not all Chinese universities require this, however, it can make a big difference. Make sure to include a list of your accomplishments to your teachers. It’s also good to request an added punch in your letter.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the recommendation letter, learn more about it here.
  • Ask your teachers for a recommendation letter early on, since they may be busy and take some time to write it.

Be open to communication with the Chinese university

  • You can visit a university advisor, go on a campus tour, or submit yourself for a voluntary interview. It’s also helpful to attend university fairs in your home country. You can connect with admission counselors and make a good impression. You can also participate in Chinese University Online Open Days here.
  • Reply to inquiries promptly. The application process doesn’t end after you submit your application and documents. Most Chinese universities will contact you directly to ask for more information. Be sure to check your email every day.

Apply through China Admissions!

  • If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: we help thousands of students prepare applications for Chinese universities and can help answer your questions.
  • You can get more answers to your questions here on our Support Page.

We also provide the service that helps you choose another university or program to apply after your application gets rejected. Whether or not this service is free depends on the rejection reasons. Please also check the information about our refund policy here and complete the form to request another program.

If you want to learn more information about universities and how to get accepted, check out our blog.  

We wish you great success in your application and an amazing experience of study in China.

Are you ready to apply? You can start or continue with your application here.

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