The Top 6 Reasons Your Application Will Not Be Successful, and How to Get Accepted

We wish all the applications are successful, but sometimes applications get rejected by universities. Our admissions team has analysed the 6 top reasons applications are not successful. We hope by sharing this, it can help you, and we also offer some solutions to help you. We are also sharing this data on each program page.

There are two types of reasons. Reasons from the applicants, and reasons from universities.

Reasons from applicants:


  • All applicants should be above 18 years old. If applicants are under 18 years old, they need to find a guardian in China. The guardian can be a Chinese person or a foreigner who is living in China. Remember a student can not become another student’s guardian.  Above this, different universities have different age requirements. For each  degree the age limit as follow:
  • Bachelor applicants’ age should under 30
  • Master applicants’ age should under 35
  • Ph.D. applicants’ age should under 40


Academic performers and background

  • We have different types of universities and they have their own entry requirement. For example, for MBBS program require applicants should have at least math, physics, chemistry and biology grades on the transcripts.
  • Some particular programs like engineering or education category requirement similar study backgrounds. Ph.D. programs require a similar background from the master study. Here is the article to help understand how Ph.D. application in China:

Reasons from universities:

Too many applicants, too much competition, and limited seats

  • Every intake universities have a certain number of students for recruitment.  So we suggest that you apply as early as possible to have a better chance. There are also more scholarships for students who apply earlier..

Program is not available

  • This reason has often come up during the application process. If there are not enough students to apply or no suitable teacher to teach this course, universities will cancel their programs. Sometimes plans change.

Tips on Being Accepted

When you are applying through our platform we always seek to have the most up to date information. We strongly suggest you apply to at least 2-3 universities to increase your chances of being accepted.

We also provide the service that helps you choose another university or program to apply after your application gets rejected. Whether or not this service is free depends on the rejection reasons. Please also check the information about our refund policy here and complete the form to request another program.

I hope this is helpful, if you have more questions please let us know. 

We wish you great success in your application and an amazing experience of study in China.

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