Apply for Universities in China: Nigerian students

As a company which helps international students apply for Universities in China, we have to be efficient and know every news and information there is to know about Universities.

And the recent news are most of Chinese Universities don’t accept students from Nigeria.

A lot of people wonder why, and the purpose of this article is to explain and to explore other options for Nigerian students who wish to come to China.

Why don’t most of Chinese Universities accept Nigerian students?

It can be hard for Chinese Universities to verify students applications from certain countries, thus there are restrictions from some countries such as Nigeria.

Is it for forever?

This is most likely not going to be the case forever, but for the time being the situation remains the same.

What other options do Nigerian students have

Nigerians can study at the following Universities:apply for chinese universities

    1. Central South University
    2. China Medical University
    3. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
    4. Chongqing University
    5. Chongqing Medical University
    6. Guangxi Medical University
    7. Nankai University: programs
    8. Shandong University
    9. Shenyang University
    10. Shenyang Urban Construction University
    11. South China University of Technology
    12. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: programs
    13. Tianjin University
    14. Tianjin Normal University
    15. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    16. Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University: programs
    17. Zhejiang University of Science & Technology

If you need help or you wish to apply for the Universities listed above, please contact us at or apply for Chinese Universities and we will do everything we can to help you!

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