Nigerian Students In China

As of 2019, there are 6,845 Nigerian students currently studying in China and 512 of them are on Chinese Government Scholarships. This scholarship allows students to study at various universities in China. It is sponsored by the Chinese government through different programs, such as the Chinese unilateral grants to developing countries, China-Nigeria bilateral agreements and multilateral outcomes such as the 2018 Beijing summit of Forum On China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

The CSC Scholarship covers the tuition fee, living expenses and accommodation. Students taking their bachelor’s master’s and PhD degrees can apply for the CSC Scholarship. Read more about scholarships here.

Successful Nigerians in China

There are many successful Nigerians in China. Read more about Joseph from Nigeria who studied at XJTLU here, and Aminu who started his own business here.

Which universities accept Nigerian students? 

Unfortunately many Chinese universities don’t accept Nigerian students. You can see the list here.

Start your university application in China!

Chinese Universities are now accepting applications. Apply early and increase your chances of getting accepted. You can start your application here.

Ghanaian students in china

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