Preparing the Recommendation Letter for Chinese Universities

Please check out the video below about how to prepare the recommendation letter to apply to Chinese universities.

The letter of recommendation is from someone who knows you, from academia or work, who can write a short letter to recommend you to study in China.

It can be quite brief and the essential information required should state that they know you, confirm how they know you, confirm that you studied or worked with them (and on what dates), and that they recommend you to study on the program.

It is much better if the person is from academia (your high school, or university), and it is also an advantage if they say some words of support for you. In some countries, these people are quite busy, and they may request you to draft such a letter. This can help to save time so they know what to write.

When should you ask for the recommendation letter?

Ask as soon as possible. It can take some time for them to prepare and so the sooner you apply the quicker it will be.
How to ask for the recommendation letter?It’s best to ask the letter writer in person, but if you are limited in time you can try another way. Begin by saying, “I am planning to study in China. Do you feel that you know me well enough to write me a strong letter of recommendation?” In this way, you have given them a graceful way to decline. If they give you a resounding yes, trust it.. Once you have a positive response, follow up with an email confirming your conversation AND reiterating the deadline information. Attach a copy of your CV and your personal statement.

You can submit your application documents without the letters of recommendation and your application can be processed. But it is a good idea to send these as soon as possible – you will not receive an acceptance without letters of recommendation.

We understand that it can take some time and we can help you to follow up. Also some people do not like to share the recommendation letter with you directly, and prefer to send it directly to the institution. You can authorise us to get the reference letter for you. Just complete this form with the information of the here and we will follow up.

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