Admissions Tips: Top 6 Ways To Speed Up Your Application

Hello, we have some tips from our hardworking admissions team.

We looked over the last data of why students application process may take some time. We have the top 6 reasons why it might not be fast. You can be aware of these reasons and take a note of these reasons when you are submitting your application.

We understand it may be a nerve-racking time for you while you are waiting for your admission results. You must wonder why you still have not heard anything from your application. Here are some reasons can cause a slow speed in the application process.

1. University admission periods are not open

  • We have March and September these two intakes every year. Each intake admission periods scheduled as below:
  • March intake admission opens around November – December/January
  • September intake opens around April/May to May/June/July.

2. University process students’ application after the application deadline

  • Some universities do not process new applications until after the application deadline. Instead of processing your application as they are received, they will wait for a specific date. They will only process applications at a fixed time every year. This may take 1-4 weeks until after the deadline. Beihang University is one example of this. It doesn’t matter if you apply in December or May, you will get the notice in June or July.
  • In order to solve this problem for you. We are now in the process of adding the application speed of each university on our website so you will know more clearly how long to expect.

3. Chinese holidays

  • Universities do not work during the holidays in China. We have public holidays like Spring festival, Labor holiday, the national holiday and so on. Please take note of the Chinese holidays when you apply. Even if the universities are on holiday, we will still be working hard to help you. But we still need to wait for the universities decision which they can only do after the holiday.

4. Supervisor and program

  • Some universities can help students find supervisors. It will take some time for the university to confirm with professors about their schedule.
  • Universities cancel programs when there are not enough students to apply.  But first, they need time to see the number of students apply this year. Universities also cancel programs when they can’t locate a teacher to teach this program. This situation may happen even after the student paid the deposit to universities.

5. Application peak time

  •  There are two peak times for universities: 1>December-January and 2>May- July. These two periods of time are also the deadline for most universities. Sometimes it may take longer because of how busy it is then. So please take note to apply as far in advance as possible.

6. We also need help from you

The final reason is that we need you to update the document and information.  we will ask for additional or necessary documents and information during your application process. We also need you to reply to us as soon as you see the email. Fast speed communication is very important from both sides.

Hope this is helpful, if you have more questions please let us know. 

We wish you great success in your application and an amazing experience of study in China.

Are you ready to apply? You can start or continue with your application here.


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