Top 3 Media and Arts Programs at UIC

Attention all creative and artsy students with a desire to study media and arts in their undergraduate career!

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) is a unique and groundbreaking liberal arts university in southern China’s Zhuhai city. At UIC, international and Chinese students alike explore their passions and career goals through interdisciplinary programs that combine strengths from multiple academic areas.

For students interested in media and arts, this is the perfect opportunity to prepare for real-world careers at the intersection of art, technology, design, and creativity. UIC’s top media and arts programs provide students with an unforgettable chance to build a diverse foundation!

Interested to learn more about what it’s like to study media or arts at UIC? Here are the top three majors that are best for media and art students at UIC.

1) Bachelor’s in Media Arts and Design (MAD)

The Media Arts and Design (MAD) Programme at UIC aims to foster a new generation of graduates with global vision, professional knowledge, creativity, leadership and research skills required for the robust development of media arts and creative industries in China and abroad. It offers students to experience a broad range of fields such as visual art, photography, digital audio-visual design, interactive design, game design, programming for artists and social design to pursue creative results in diverse professional domains. Moreover, the program’s innovative interdisciplinary curriculum responds to the growing market in digital entertainment media and cultural industry in China and worldwide. During their studies at MAD, students gain artistic and problem-solving skills in emerging technologies to translate their imagined ideas into innovative products.

MAD provides professional teaching for students to:

  • Equip students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for media art and design creation;
  • Cultivate future artists and professional design talents;
  • Train future media art historians and museum experts with international perspectives.

media and arts

Courses you might take as a MAD student:

  • History of Media Arts and Design
  • 3D Design Fundamentals
  • Web Design and Hypermedia
  • Visual Arts since 1900
  • Narrative and Interactivity in Media Arts
  • Graphic Storytelling

MAD students say…

“Four years ago, I came to UID to study Media Arts and Design with a dream in mind…My love of learning, active practice, and communication habits help me grow into a senior prospective graduate who has made progress in all aspects. I have successfully applied for Master’s programs at several universities in the UK and Australia. I will leave the UIC as a new designer, staying true to my original aspiration and continuing my study.” – Yin Ziyou, Class of 2020

Application Deadline: May 15, 2024

2) Bachelor’s in Culture, Creativity, and Management (CCM)

The aim of the Bachelor of the Business Administration (Honours) in Culture, Creativity and Management degree program is to equip students with a solid foundation in the principles of managing cultural capital. UIC embraces this with their liberal arts philosophy, which combines skills and knowledge from two sectors: artists, who produce cultural capital, and managers, who direct the economic and cultural value of such artwork. Learning about art from a business perspective, and about business from a cultural perspective, enables students to gain a unique viewpoint into culture, creativity, management, and the connections that interlink these different fields.

UIC CCM graduates are in a strong position to gain employment with private and public organizations in greater China or abroad. They may be employed by government agencies, public cultural institutions, cultural enterprises, heritage management organizations, consulting companies, and private and public corporations with regard to culture and creativity management.

Courses you might take as a CCM student:

  • Basic Studies of Cultural Tourism in China
  • Public Arts and Museum Design Management in the Urban Environment
  • Cultural Industries Internship
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Principles of Marketing Management
media and arts
The Culture, Creativity and Management (CCM) students explored Duality at the annual CCM Exhibition from 9 to 13 April, held at the Cultural Creativity Clusters. They planned and executed the entire exhibition and used their creative and managerial skills to bring teachers and students back to the past, look forward to the future, and experience the impact of optical art.

CCM students say…

“Culture has tremendous power. It’s not just about the commercialization of culture that brings financial benefits. It can consolidate its community. Furthermore, It plays a role in determining the image of a country and enhancing its status…I want to work in the ministry of culture, sport, and tourism in the Korean government. By studying CCM in China, a country based on great diversity with colorful culture, and communicating with good friends in English and Chinese, I could learn a lot about the attributes of culture. Don’t be too timid. Life is all about experiment and fortune favors the bold.” – Chloe, Republic of Korea, Class of 2022

Application Deadline: May 15, 2024

3) Bachelor’s in Cinema and Television (CTV)

The CTV program at UIC aims to nurture a new generation of graduates with a global vision, professional knowledge, and production and research skills needed for the robust development of the media and creative industries in the Greater China Region and overseas.

The program provides theoretical and practical courses and organized events and exercises to offer students the opportunity to understand and engage in the film, television, and new media industries. The knowledge and skills learned from the program emphasize creativity, writing and production skills, management, research, and criticism.

Courses you might take as a CTV student:

  • Film History
  • Script Writing
  • History and Aesthetics of the Chinese Cinema
  • Digital Special Effects Workshop
  • Cinema and Television Internship
  • Hong Kong and Taiwanese Cinema
CC128 (Film Studio) is 384m2 in total, including sound stage with electronic control lighting system, control room, color correction studio with 5.1 surrounding sound and a makeup room.

CTV students say…

“What I love about my major is that it is all about creating and sharing stories in many creative and entertaining ways; for instance, even the same story can be filmed by several directors, but each will be portrayed differently. At the same time, I also love films’ post-production: editing is the final touch that helps the director’s vision to become true with appealing visual and sound effects, and I would completely enjoy being part of this process.” – Ana, Panama, Class of 2025

“What is rare and exciting to me is the all-British educational background and localized teaching philosophy at UIC. It allows each CTV student to examine both domestic and international filmmaking. The students are taught by faculty from USC and NYU to explore the possibilities of shooting various subjects with industry standard. I believe this unique perspective is also applicable to other majors. This spirit of independent thinking has always reminded UIC students not to fall into one single mindset and urged us to adapt to the development of society.” – Zheng Kang, Class of 2021

Application Deadline: May 15, 2024

media and arts

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United International College has a lot more for you outside of just media and arts-related courses. UIC boasts a gorgeous campus, a unique curriculum, and diverse student life. Learn more about studying at UIC, campus and facilities, and scholarships here!

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