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📁 Preparing Your Application Documents


Preparing your application documents sounds complicated but it’s simple if you use China Admissions!

The documents are very similar for most universities in China, with just a few changes.

You can find the exact requirements and a guide on the application form when you start applying on the online system.

We have more information about each document below.

Your PassportPassport PhotoPersonal StatementHighest Graduation CertificateHighest Academic TranscriptEnglish Language CertificateFinancial Guarantor LetterMedical Examination CertificateRecommendation LetterResearch ProposalNon-Criminal Record Certificate
Your Passport

The passport main page with photo needs to be uploaded. It is important that you have at least 1 years validity before your passport expires. If you are currently renewing your passport, please let us know the date it will be ready. Your application for the visa can not be processed until you have the new passport – because the visa is related to your passport number.

Your Passport Photo

It is necessary to have a passport size photo.

Personal Statement

You do not always need to write a personal statement but it is strongly encouraged. The personal statement demonstrates that you are serious and explains the reasons for your application This is often the first thing that they will read. Here is some advice on how to write the personal statement.

Highest Graduation Certificate

You need to send the highest graduation certificate. If you are still studying the program, you can send your transcript and a letter that you are expected to graduate and then send the certificate later.

Highest Academic Transcript

Please send your highest academic transcript. This should be the last one you took, from high school, bachelor’s or master’s. Please show clearly the grades.  If it is not in English or Chinese, please can you have it translated into English.

English Certificate

If you are applying for an English program and you are a native English speaker you do not need to send evidence of your English level. If you studied in English before at high school or a degree, you can send evidence of this. Otherwise please send an English certificate which can be IELTS, TOEFL or even the Duolingo English Test. However, not every university accepts the DET, so TOEFL and IELTS are still the best options.

Financial Guarantor Letter

The guarantor is a letter from whoever will support you to study in China. It is important for them to write a letter with their name, job, and source of funds and that they will fund your studies. It is also helpful to provide a bank statement.

Medical Examination Certificate

You can download the form here.

All foreigners need to take the medial examination in order to study in China. It is a requirement for the X (study) visa. You can do the physical medical exam in your home country, or when you arrive in China. We normally advise students to take the medical exam in China because sometimes the medical tests taken in students home country are not accepted if there is a mistake or not in the correct format and students need to take the medical test again in China. But sometimes it is necessary to take the medical exam in your country before you apply to some Universities or for scholarships.

To take the medical exam in China, it takes about 30-40 minutes, and the fee is 700-800 RMB. Normally the University will organise for a group of students to go to the center together at the start of each semester.

If you would like to do it in your home country before you come to China, you should download the form here, and ask a doctor to complete the form. The hospital should sign the document and stamp it with the official seal over your photograph.

Which blood tests are needed?
You just need to test for all the diseases on the medical examination form
Recommendation Letter

You often need to provide recommendation letters from someone who supports you. A former or current teacher, professor, or guidance counselor is best. Your supervisor or boss at work may also be appropriate. You should not get a recommendation letter from a family member. This can sometimes take some time to send this.

Research Proposal

The research proposal is for the PhD only. For this you need to write your study plan, research topic and how you plan to go about it.

Non-Criminal Record Certificate

Some universities request non-criminal record certificate. Normally you need to go to the local police station in your country and ask them for this certificate. It is sometimes called a Police background check. You can also search on google for “How to get a non-criminal record check from <Your Country>

Frequently Asked Questions
How to upload my documents?

You can upload them online here by logging in. If you have a problem uploading, please contact us at apply@china-admissions.com.

How to scan and upload my documents?

Many students send us photos of passports or transcripts and the quality is not good enough. This can waste time and if the quality of your documents are not good or the documents are not clear or affect the likelihood of being accepted.

Often photos aren’t clear enough, and they look like photos. It is better if you can scan them professionally.

We strongly suggest two easy solutions for scanning your application documents

Cam scanner is a free easy app to download, and allows you to scan the documents on your phone You can scan download it here

The second option is that you can use notes on your iPhone – which can turn photos into professional images.. Just click + and “Scan Document” See the video below for more information.


How to make the files smaller?

We also suggest you use SmallPdf.com to make the files smaller. This helps because often the files need to be less than 1-2 mbs.

The link for smallpdf.com is here.

We can check your documents. You can upload them online and let us know your application ID so we can review for free before you submit officially. Just send us a message from the online application system.

Can you help me prepare or check the application documents?

Sure, our application platform is free, and it includes us checking your documents and giving feedback. You can upload your application documents online here, and then we will review and give you feedback. You can also contact us for support here.

You can also upgrade to our VIP service. We can give you much more support throughout the application process.

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