Eligibility and Requirements in Chinese Universities

Dear students,

Of course you need to know if you are eligible to apply for a program before you apply. This can save a lot of time on your part.

Entry requirements in Chinese Universities depend on the program you are applying to. We encourage you to search on the program page for the exact information because it does vary by program.

We can also review your application documents for free after you have applied. Just let us know your application ID by email to apply@china-admissions.com. We can give you free feedback and suggest other options if you do not meet the entry requirements. 

The good news it that there are many programs and universities in China so we can find a program for you. In this article, we will walk you through the entry requirements, application documents and other helpful information to start your application.

Entry Requirements In Chinese Universities

By Degree Level
Foundation Programs Must be 16 to 25 years old. If under 18, you need to find a guardian in China. 
Bachelor’s Must have graduated from high school with good grades and academic background. 

Must be under 35 years old, but some programs can be flexible. 

Master’s  Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Must meet GPA requirements, but some programs can be flexible. 

For non-native English speakers, you may be required to submit an English Language Test Certificate. 

PhD Must have obtained a master’s degree. 

Non-native English speakers may be required to submit an English Language Test Certificate. 

By Subject
Chinese Language  Must have graduated from high school.

Prior background in Chinese is not required.

MBA Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Two years or longer work experience.

Competitive GMAT or GRE score (or you can take the schools entrance test). 

Some universities may require an English Language Test Certificate. 

MBBS Must have graduated from high school.

18 years or above upon application

Must have good grades in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) and Mathematics.

Each university also has some slight differences. You can check specific entry requirements on our page here.

Application Documents

Required documents are very similar for most universities in China. For more advanced degrees such as master’s and PhD, there may be a few additional documents to submit. The basic ones that you need to prepare include:

  • Passport-size photo
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Graduation diploma
  • Official transcript of records
  • Personal statement
  • English language certificate

For MBA requirements, you can check here and for MBBS read our article here.

How To Apply

You can apply in three easy steps!

1) Choose a program here.

2) Complete and upload all your documents.

3) Pay the application fee here, wait for the confirmation letter from the university and process your visa. Get ready to come to China!

How To Get A Student Visa

1) Choose a student visa category. There are two types: X1 which is for students staying for more than 180 days in China and X2 for students staying less than 180 days.

2) Complete the application form here and submit all the required documents to the Chinese Embassy/ Consulate General in your country of residence.

3) Pay the visa application fee at the Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy. Regular processing is four business days, but this might be different from country to country.

Read our complete guide to processing the China X Student Visa. We can also give you assistance if you need help.

Study In China For 2021 Intake!

Chinese Universities are now accepting applications for 2021 intake. Apply as early as now and get the chance to apply for scholarships and grants.

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neo khoza
23 days ago

Can I enroll in an MBBS program in a Chinese university after starting from another university?

Christine Chiu
22 days ago
Reply to  neo khoza

Hi @Neo,

Yes, you can. However, you will be required to start from the very beginning.

Kyle Gurung
22 days ago

Would there be an entrance examination? I know some universities do not require them but what about other universities?

Christine Chiu
21 days ago
Reply to  Kyle Gurung

Hi @Kyle,

Normally, Chinese universities require an entrance exam for incoming undergraduate students. But since May last year, Chinese universities have temporarily cancelled this requirement due to COVID-19. Some have replaced the exam with an online interview, and language and qualification requirements still stand.

Emil Baghiyev
16 days ago
Reply to  Christine Chiu

Which universities in China do not require entrance exam?

Christine Chiu
12 days ago
Reply to  Emil Baghiyev

Hi @Emil,
Peking, Tsinghua, Renmin and Shanghai Jiao Tong university cancelled entrance examinations in May 2020, but we have yet to confirm if this is true for 2021. Some universities have also taken their entrance examinations online like Fudan University.

18 days ago

Hello, are there universities in China that offer master’s degree that does not need to take the English proficiency Exam? I want to apply but then I do not have that. Thank you!

Christine Chiu
17 days ago
Reply to  maureen

Hi @Maureen,

All English-medium programs need English Proficiency Exam. You can take our International English Test (IET) test online, it is officially recognised by Chinese universities and is accepted as an official evaluation of your English level. Here’s a link to the IET: https://iet.china-admissions.com/order-2275751122775726

18 days ago

I am in my last year of university and planning to take my masters, when should I apply? I will be graduating around the year 2022.

Christine Chiu
17 days ago
Reply to  Mau

Hi @Mau,
If you’re graduating in 2022, you should start applying between March to August for September 2022 intake.

6 days ago

I don’t know Chinese. What are the odds of me getting a scholarship?

Christine Chiu
5 days ago
Reply to  grace

Hi @grace,
You don’t need to know Chinese (although it can be an advantage if you do) to get a scholarship in China. There are many scholarships for international students and English-medium programs. Read more about getting a scholarship here.

Ahmed Awan
3 days ago

I have 3 remaining courses for completion of my Bachelors and my exams are commencing from 15th march 2021. The results will be announced 1 or maybe 2 months after the exams. When to apply?

Christine Chiu
3 days ago
Reply to  Ahmed Awan

Hi @Ahmed,
You can start your application after receiving your bachelor’s degree certificate.

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