FAQ: Can You Apply for Scholarships on China Admissions?

Earning a scholarship is an excellent opportunity for many students to cover necessary costs and finance their studies. Chinese universities are also eager to give scholarships to excellent students, to make sure the best scholars can attend their programs.

One of the top questions we get is, “Can I apply for scholarships on China Admissions?”

NO, you cannot apply for scholarships on China Admissions. This is because we do not give scholarships. Scholarships come from either 1. The Chinese Government or 2. The university or 3. Private sources. If you want a scholarship, you need to apply to the organization giving the scholarship. 

If you will apply for a University scholarship (NOT Chinese government), you can still apply to the university on China Admissions. The university will review your application package and decide if you get a scholarship based on your results.

China Admissions is a university application platform, not a scholarship application platform. However, we can still help non-CSC students apply to universities.

Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese Government Scholarship is run by the Chinese government. You cannot apply for the CSC scholarship on China Admissions. If you want to apply for the CSC scholarship, you will need to apply on your own.

This is because CSC scholarships are handled directly by the Chinese government side, not by China Admissions or any other agency. You will need to apply on your own to a CSC scholarship and we cannot assist with the application process at any stage.

Information and the link to apply is here: How to apply to the CSC Scholarship Step by Step

University/Private Scholarships

These are scholarships that are…

  • Given by the university you are applying to
  • Given by a private business or organization
  • Given by the government of your home country (NOT China)
  • NOT a CSC scholarship

If you are aiming for a University scholarship, or a scholarship from a private, non-Chinese government source, you can apply to the university on China Admissions. However, the ultimate one who decides whether you get a scholarship or not is the university.

Applying on China Admissions

When you begin an application on China Admissions platform, you will need to first select a program to apply for and click “APPLY NOW.”


You will need to fill out information such as your biographical information, address, educational history, and work experience.

In the Financial Supporter section, you will see a question “How do you plan to fund your studies.”

There are three options, and you must select one.

Self-Finance: You will pay by yourself, or your parents will pay, or you have some other money that is not a scholarship. You can apply to the university and get admissions on China Admissions.

Chinese Government Scholarship: If you want a CSC scholarship we cannot process your application. You will need to apply directly, you cannot apply to the university with us.

Part Scholarship, Part Self-Financed: You can pay some by yourself, but you want maybe a 50% or 30% scholarship, or you want a scholarship from the university. You can apply to the university on China Admissions.

Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
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1 year ago

china take any test for the scholarship?

1 year ago

Any scholarship for pakistani students in chaina for bachelor’s in nursing?

Joseph makombo
Joseph makombo
1 year ago

Applying for a scholarship

Usama Akram
Usama Akram
1 year ago

Candidates are apply both links? Means universitites weblink or csc web link?

Usama Akram
Usama Akram
1 year ago

And what about a category or b category CSC

Usama Akram
Usama Akram
1 year ago

what about a category or b category CSC?

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