3 Popular Programs at United International College for 2024 Intake

*Note: UIC can issue JW202 form to international students for 2024 intake. Only on-campus study is possible for 2024 intake. To learn more about the border situation, click here

Are you looking to study at United International College for the 2024 intake? This university is rapidly growing in popularity as they recruit talented foreign students. At China Admissions, we analyzed the top programs students are applying to for Fall 2024.

If you want to apply for one of these popular programs, make sure you start an application with us at China Admissions as soon as possible! Greater popularity means greater competition to reserve your spot in UIC’s incoming class of students.

And here’s an insider tip…UIC has no application fee and no service fee! It costs $0 to apply, so you won’t lose anything by submitting an application today!

The most popular programs at United International College this intake are:

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Chinese Culture and Global Communication
  4. Financial Mathematics
  5. Applied Psychology

Let’s get to know these top programs at United International College…

Artificial Intelligence

⌚ Duration: 4 years

🎓 Degree Level: Bachelors

🌏 Location: Zhuhai, China

Skills you’ll learn: Foundation in computer science and AI, use of AI mathematical tools, machine learning, data mining, and more!

📝 Sample courses you might take:

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Calculus For Science and Engineering
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Neuroscience in Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Finance and Intelligent Financial Trading Systems

👨‍💼 Careers you can have: Communications, Automation, Medicine, Manufacturing, Software engineering, Finance, Media, Energy, etc

Programs at United International College

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programme at UIC is committed to providing students with an education that prepares them for AI-related careers in various industries. It will offer broad training in core computer and intelligence technology and provide students with a good foundation for career development.

In order to emphasize the various domains of AI technology, two concentrations of AI technologies and their applications will be provided for students to choose from. The two concentrations are AI in Business and Finance Concentration, AI in Multimedia Concentration.

Chinese Culture and Global Communication

⌚ Duration: 4 years

🎓 Degree Level: Bachelors

🌏 Location: Zhuhai, China

Skills you’ll learn: Basic knowledge of Chinese culture and communication theories, critical thinking, understanding Chinese culture from a global perspective

📝 Sample courses you might take:

  • Language and Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Traditional Chinese Civilization in the Global Context
  • Eminent Sinologists and Their Works
  • Shakespearean Drama in China
  • Lingnan Culture and the World

👨‍💼 Careers you can have: Education, media, research, journalism, marketing, translation, anthropology, archaeology

Chinese Culture China

As China has become an active and influential player in the 21st century world, this programme aims to train students to be both locally rooted and globally connected. By locally rooted, we mean that our students develop a deep understanding of Chinese culture and its ramifications in society, economy, and daily practices. They are confident of who they are, namely, contemporary persons shaped by thousands of years of Chinese tradition. By globally connected, we mean that our students are able to see diversity as the main characteristic of the 21st century world. They are skillful in communicating with people around the world with their different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Based on a curriculum that combines classical studies, communication theory, comparative literature, linguistic theory, philology, sinology, and intellectual history, this programme provides students a holistic training that prepares them to excel in cross-cultural enterprises, multi-national corporations, and transnational agencies.

Financial Mathematics

⌚ Duration: 4 years

🎓 Degree Level: Bachelors

🌏 Location: Zhuhai, China

Skills you’ll learn: Risk management, Python/R/C++, Micro and macroeconomics, Algebra and Calculus, stochastic processes, apply financial principles to real-world markets

📝 Sample courses you might take:

  • Risk Management in Finance
  • Principles of Corporate Finance
  • Design and Analysis of Financial Algorithms
  • Data Analysis Using R
  • Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

👨‍💼 Careers you can have: investment, corporate and private banking, currency trading, credit risk, hedge fund manager, actuary, insurance, in World Bank or International Monetary Fund

Financial Mathematics at UIC

Financial mathematics (FM) is a cross-disciplinary field that brings finance, economics, mathematical theory, statistics and computer science together. Financial mathematics is found to be important in understanding the issues aroused from the ever increasing complexity of the financial world, especially in the area of constructing the different financial products, hedging and risk management and investment portfolio optimization.

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If these popular programs aren’t for you, click here for the full list of programs at UIC…

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