Refund Policy

Please read the refund policy carefully before applying. 

You are entitled to a full refund in the following situations:

  • You make a double payment accidentally on the system.

China Admissions is a free platform that is funded by universities in China. However we still need to cover our operating and processing costs in case you apply and then decide to withdraw.

You are entitled to a partial refund in the following situations:

You decide to withdraw or cancel your application before you have submitted your documents and completed your application – 90% will be refunded.

You have submitted your application and it has been reviewed by China Admissions:
Once – 75% refund
Twice – 50% refund
Three times: 25% refund

“Reviewed by China Admissions” means that our staff have reviewed your application, given feedback on your documents, and returned back to you to make corrections or improvements.

You are not entitled to a refund in the following situations:

  • Your application has been already been processed and submitted to the university
  • China Admissions has helped review your documents more than 3 times
  • In case any of the situations detailed below.

We are not responsible for the following situations:  

  • Delay caused by late reply and no response

Applicants will first fill-in and upload the required materials on the CA system with at least a 80% completion before they are reviewed by CA. CA collects and reviews your application materials and gives you necessary suggestions on improvements, so that applicants can fit in the university application requirements. CA FREE service offers a document review on a ~5 days basis with free email support all along. However, any deadline missing caused by the applicants’ lateness/lack of response or purposely submitting wrong documents multiple times is not CA’s responsibility.

  • Application came within 10 days of the deadline

We recommend students to set at least 20 days until the program deadline, for students to prepare documents before submitting to the university and for CA to review. However, if you decide to apply very close to deadline, we suggest you to go for our PRIORITY service, or we will not be responsible for any delay caused by late submission on the students’ side

  • Program canceled/changed

CA is a public-minded online platform. We collected the information of Chinese universities over the years and summarized it in our system for better access to the students. However, universities sometimes will make slight changes to their programs every year, especially under the pandemic. If the program you are applying to is canceled by the universities, CA can offer a free transfer of an already-paid application fee towards an application for a new program.

  • Difficulties caused by special nationalities

Chinese universities are especially strict about applicants who possess a Chinese citizenship/duo-Chinese citizenship/either parents have a Chinese citizenship. This question is included in the CA application system. Please answer it accurately, we will review your case and give you suggestions accordingly. We cannot offer refunds if you deliberately give false information about nationality status.

  • Visa expiration 

If you are in China and your visa is expiring soon, please make sure your visa is at least 30 days valid before you apply on the CA platform. Please also be specific about the type and times of renewal of the visa you are holding right now. If you require  fast assistance on application, please first contact CA VIP service. This service provides the fastest response; we will review your case and see what we can do.

Feedback / Improvements

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, or about our service in general please contact us at We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience. You can also leave us feedback here. You can also contact the CEO directly at

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