How to Apply to Chinese Universities with China Admissions

Step 1: Choose your program

Before starting your application, it’s important to know what exactly you would like to study. What is my passion? Who would I like to be? What do I see myself doing in the future? All these questions could be helpful to define the study of your interest. You can also watch this video to help you choose your dream program.

After you choose the study of your interest, you can visit China Admissions to search for Chinese universities that offer your program. Our database offers thousands of English-language programs at universities across China. Here, you can find due dates, eligibility requirements, and detailed descriptions of every program and university.

Using our search engine, you can filter the search result to specific cities, programs, and even different intakes. However, if you don’t have any idea about Chinese universities and programs that is suitable for you, you can directly contact our Recruitment Specialists at We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Step 2: Apply now

After you choose the suitable university and the program, click on “Apply Now” to go to a fast and simple all-in-one application system. It will take less than 15 minutes for you to submit your application. No matter how many universities and programs you choose, you will only need to submit only one application, and the rest will be done by us. You can also check the step-by-step tutorial video here.

After clicking the ”Apply Now” button, you will need to either create your account or login into your account, in order to start your online application.

By logging in to your account, you can start filling in your online application. You need to fill in your contact details, personal information, family information, your financial supporter information, and choose the services that best suit your needs.

However, in some cases, you might need extra support and help: applying last-minute, to a competitive program, or to a scholarship. We offer multiple services that you can use (Free, Priority, and Guaranteed), and detailed information about each of our services can be found here.

We also offer a Top University Consulting Service, designed to help ambitious students prepare well in advance for China’s most prestigious and competitive universities. Read more about it here.

Once you’re done filling in the online application, you can then upload the required documents to the portal. In order to help you prepare the documents, please check the complete guide on how to prepare your documents here.

The required documents depend on the program you’re applying for (non-degree, Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.). Briefly, here is the list of documents that you will need.

  1. White background professional photo
  2. Copy of Valid Passport (minimum 1-year validity)
  3. Highest education transcripts
  4. Highest education graduation diploma
  5. Personal statement (for degree programs application)
  6. Two recommendation letters (for Master and Ph.D. application)
  7. Bank statement (with finances enough to cover at least 6 months to 1 year of your expenses in China)
  8. Additional documents as required by the Universities (e.g. Non-criminal record, physical examination form, etc.)

You may note that some of these documents like recommendation letters and non-criminal records take time to get. That’s why we recommend you apply early!

Last but not least, you need to complete the application fee payment. An application fee is required by the university in order to process your application, prepare and send the admission notice and visa form JW202 to your home address. Roughly the application fee is USD 80-150 each, and it is non-refundable in any case.

We provide numerous payment methods that you can use. You can use a bank card (Visa/Mastercard/etc), PayPal, Bank Transfer, Wechat, or Alipay. Here’s the link to proceed with the payment or you can also complete the payment on your online application page as well.


Step 3: China Admissions Review

After you successfully pay the application fee and submit your application, the China Admissions enrollments team will review your application and your documents, then get back to you with feedback. We personally check to ensure that all your documents are in order and that you meet all the requirements for the programs!


Step 4: University Submission and Review

After we make sure that all your documents are ready and fit the university requirements, we submit your application directly to the university. We will let you know once your application has been submitted to the University.

*Please note: we can only submit your documents to the university once they open their own intake application time period! Some universities open their intakes in the fall, others in the spring. We will submit your application as soon as the university is open to receive it!

The university processing time usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the university and the program. After carefully reviewing your application, the university may invite qualified candidates to attend an online interview, which plays an important role in the result of your admissions.


Step 5: Admissions Announcement

If you are accepted, the university will issue a pre-admission notice for you, which will include the details of the program, expected duration, tuition, and the deposit fee (pre-payment) required. The pre-payment or deposit is to be paid in advance to secure your admission to the university.

Step 6: University Acceptance

After paying the deposit fee to the university, they will then prepare your admission package, which includes your admissions notice and JW202 form (visa form), which usually takes 2-3 weeks. Once these documents are ready, the university will send your admission package via postage to your current home address.

(Update: per August 2023, Universities will no longer mail the paper JW form (visa form) to students, only the paper admission notice will be mailed to you. Instead, the JW202/DQ form (visa form) will be available in electronic format, you will get an email to download your visa form from this website


Step 7: Visa application

After you receive the admission package from the university, you will need to go to the Chinese embassy in your city or the country to apply for the X1 visa (if your duration of study is longer than 6 months), or the X2 visa (if your duration of study is shorter than 6 months).

Visa documentation are:

  1. White background professional photo
  2. Original Valid Passport
  3. Original and copy of Admission Notice
  4. Original and copy of JW202 form
  5. Visa application form
  6. The proof of flight tickets and accommodation booking (if any)
  7. Bank statement (with finances enough to cover at least 6 months to 1 year of your expenses in China)
  8. Additional documents as required by the Chinese embassy in your country.


Step 8: Departure to China

You can read about the preparation for departure to China HERE

For an airport pick-up request, please fill in this FORM, so we could assist your trip to any location.


Step 9: University Registration

After your arrival at the university, you will need to go to the university office and do the registration. Don’t forget to bring your Passport, Photo, Admission Notice, and the Foreigner Physical Examination Form with you. Some universities might ask for the tuition fee payment to be paid during the registration day (by cash or bank transfer), but you can opt to do an international bank transfer from your home country to pay for the tuition fee before you arrive in China. Make sure to bring a copy of the payment receipt on the registration day as well.

After the registration, you will have the exact course information and schedules. Please note that you will need to register at the local police station within 24 hours of your arrival to China and get the Accommodation Registration Form (住宿登记 zhù sù dēng jì). For the X1 visa holder, the university will then help you to extend your X1 visa to the Temporary Residence Permit in China which valid for 1 year. You will need to extend your student visa (temporary residence permit) in China the next year, until the end of your duration of study.


Image Source: Chinese Embassy website

Updated on May 2023: China’s border is now open for international students and quarantine is no longer required. Read our COVID Update here: we update it constantly to ensure students get the best information.

Are you ready to apply?

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We hope to help your dreams come true!

Student Recruitment Manager at China Admissions. Originally from Indonesia but based in Beijing, China since 2017, and has been loving her life and journey in China ever since. Got a Master's degree from the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing back in 2019.
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