How to complete the application form for Chinese Universities?

Application form is a very important part of application process. A mistake in your application form might even become the reason your application was rejected.

How come? Because that form contains the important information about you which saves University time when they review your application. Yes, they can check your CV or personal statement to learn more about your educational or work background, but these documents also contain some other information, and there isn’t enough time to filter it.

The form which is filled correctly not only saves time for University but also gives a good impression of you.

So when you fill out the application form please make sure you fill it out correctly. We hope that instructions below will help you do that:

How to fill out the application form?

Application form should be filled on a computer, printed, signed, scanned and sent by email to one of our student counsellors’ email address.

The most important information:

Personal information – don’t skip any field

Mailing address – the address of the house/office where you can pick up the mail easily. Please make sure it’s correct, otherwise your admission package can’t be sent or received.

Educational Background – every column should be filled: school/University you went to; dates: yyyy/mm – yyyy/mm; certificate/degree

Contact Person In Your Country – this is normally a friend or family member, need to write their name, address, phone number

English Level – your level: poor, fair, good, excellent

Student Category – the level you are applying for: bachelor’s, master’s, PhD

*Expected Enrollment Date – the date when you want to start your studies: March or September.

Study Duration – how long the program lasts: usually bachelor’s programs last 4 years, MBBS – 6 years, Master’s and PhD – 3 years

**School of the 1st Choice – the University you want to apply for

**Major of the 1st Choice – the major you want to apply for

School of the 2nd Choice – another University you want to apply for

Major of the 2nd Choice – another major you want to apply for

Source of Financial Support – This should be either: self-funding/wish to apply for scholarship/already have a sponsor

Contact Person in China – this should be a friend (or family member) in China, if you don’t know one please write your country’s embassy in China

Guarantor: this should be a friend or family member, normally in your home country, who can be contacted in case a medical or financial emergency

* Please note that not every University in China has Spring intake, so please make sure the program you want to apply for has it. It can be checked here.

**Please make sure University you want to apply for offers the program you are interested in in English. All English taught programs can be searched here.

Fields that can be skipped in case you don’t have the needed information:

Chinese name (if you don’t have one, it’s okay)

Passport Details (it’s possible to apply without passport while it’s under applying, but please send the passport details as soon as you receive it)

Agreement Student & Agreement Institution this is only for transfer students who are studying on an official exchange program, if you are not a transfer student it should be left blank

Level of HSK Certificate & Chinese Language Level (if you are applying for English taught programs, knowledge of Chinese language is not necessary)

When the application is completed, don’t forget to sign it and send it to us to get further instructions.

We are here to make the process of applying to Chinese Universities as easy as possible, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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  1. Good day,
    I am a cameroonian by nationality and presently studying chinese language in shanghai.I have studied accounting for 9years ,that is 7years in high school and 2years in a professional university obtaining a Higher National Diploma.In addition to that,i also have almost 5year work experience.But due to my present financial constraint,i am unable to pay my fee but really like to study so i want to ask if the scholarship is still available?
    Yours applicant

  2. China admissions, you are giving us information which are updated. Thanks for being our information source and for helping us to get scholarship in china.

  3. I am a Ghanain by nationality and want to study medine with shs certificate
    please I need much information about the online forms

  4. I am about to complete High school in Ghana and i want to Study Economics
    Can u please give me much information about about the online forms

  5. I’m currently applying for Chinese gov’t scholarship in university of science and technology of china. I requested a professor from my school to write a recommendation on my behalf, please, how can he address the letter

  6. Hello good morning sir pls am an orphan and I need u people to help I want to continue my schl in china I hav OND before in Nigeria am from Nigeria sir so I nees sponsor pls I dnt money to sponsor my self am 26yrs old pls help me am begging

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