Study MBBS in China

Where Should I Study MBBS? China, Russia or Ukraine?

All you ever wanted was to be a doctor and now, you have the opportunity to study MBBS. There are many universities offering MBBS programs but quality differs from one university to another. China, Ukraine and Russia all have good universities. You may be confused about which country to study in. Read on to find out about each of these countries and what it is like to study there. Read more



MBBS In China for Indian Students

The rapid economic growth in China has attracted much global attention. As one of the fastest developing countries, it has attracted countries from all over the world to invest heavily in China. Such investment is what has caused China to develop in various industries including the medical, social, technological and economic sectors. As an Indian, why should you consider studying MBBS in China? Read more


Is it Worth Studying MBBS in China?

China is among of the fastest developing countries in the world. With the rapid developments happening in China, the economical, academic and technological systems are also rapidly catching up with countries such as U.S, Canada and others. What makes studying in China worth your time, effort and money? Read more



8 Things You Need To Know If You Are Applying To MBBS In China

China is one of the most civilized countries and it is advancing in many industries including technology, medicine and engineering among others. They are also very good at trading. In fact, they trade with many European and African countries as well as U.S. China has also invested heavily in its education system, providing high quality education for both its citizens and international students. What do you need to know before applying to MBBS in China? Read more


Top Medical Schools in China

China has gained the attention of the world of medicine due to its excellent medical facilities, scholarships and well-trained medical staff who teach in the universities. Some of the medical universities in China are recognized by WHO and are included in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Compared to other top universities in developed countries, universities in China have lower entrance requirements and the cost of living is much lower thus attracting many foreign students. Read more


MBBS Program at Shantou University Medical College

Shantou University was founded in 1981 and is located in Guangdong, a south east coastal part of China. It is a well-established private university with 8 schools and colleges including Medical College, Business School, College of Sciences and College of Engineering, Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, College of Liberal Arts, and Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication. Read more

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