How I Got Accepted Into The MBBS Program at Shantou University Medical College

Kalicia Miller is a Jamaican student studying the MBBS Program at Shantou University Medical College. With the current situation, she is taking online classes for the time being, but she enjoys it just as much. Kalicia started her Chinese class in early September and her medical courses in October.

Why an MBBS in China

Kalicia studied in Jamaica all her life. She could have stayed in her country and study medicine, but she chose SUMC in China. When asked how she came up with the decision, she had an interesting answer to share.

“I came to China because of its amazing culture, people and quality of education. I’ve always wanted to pursue medicine so I looked for the best program fit for me and China offered that. In terms of education, quality and cost, the MBBS program in China is the best.”

She further adds, “The technological advancement in China in terms of Medicine specifically at SUMC far outweighs any country in the world.”

China Admissions Experience

Kalicia successfully got accepted into the MBBS program at SUMC through China Admissions. She describes her experience with China Admissions as one of the biggest blessings in her life.

“China Admissions consistently communicated with me; the response time was very fast. They made sure that I could get into the university that I wanted. Dulguun, my student advisor helped me from beginning to end. She assisted me from choosing a university to the application process.”

Kalicia further shares that the services she received from China Admissions didn’t just end after her acceptance at university. She was constantly asked for feedback and Dulguun checked on her to make sure everything was going smoothly.

“China Admissions is doing so much for students. I wish they could get more recognition for their excellent services. China Admissions is legit, hardworking and their agents are great!”

Aside from her pursuit of her MBBS degree in SUMC, Kalicia is ready to take on China and explore the country more. Find inspiration in Kalicia’s story by watching her interview with Nadia!

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