15 Reasons to Study MBBS at Shantou University Medical College

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Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is an unrivaled medical school in China with exceptional international standing. With its student-centered medical education and strong leaning on biomedical and clinic research, SUMC is one of the best places to obtain an MBBS degree in China.

The medical college is best known for its excellent practice of teaching medicine, but most of all, it brings out the best in its MBBS students. An MBBS at SUMC will prepare you for the rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine by equipping you with the latest theoretical background and intensive clinical experience.

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Top Reasons to Study MBBS at SUMC

1. Proven track record

SUMC’s educational approach has a proven track record of success. In recent years, SUMC has consistently ranked among the top-performing schools of over 100 medical schools in China according to the exam results of MBBS students in the National Medical Licensure Examination.

Similarly, the average pass-rates of SUMC participants in the College English Test (CET) have substantially surpassed those of key universities in China over the past years. In the past six years, selected MBBS students from the English-based program achieved over 93% pass rates in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1.

SUMC provides quality MBBS education with a proven track record.
2. Top-notch curriculum

Curriculum internationalization is an important focus of SUMC. To achieve this, the MBBS program at SUMC creates various activities for students which include bilingual medical courses, foreign language courses, study-abroad programs, international internships, international research collaboration, staff exchange, and international conferences.

SUMC has also implemented an original and innovative curriculum model for training medical students, which was chosen by the Chinese Ministry of Education as an exemplary model of pedagogical reform in China, and gained wide recognition from universities around the country.

3. Outstanding faculty

SUMC has over 200 teaching faculty and staff. Around 60% of the academic staff consists of professors, with assistant professors and lecturers accounting for the remaining 40%. The great majority of staff hold a graduate degree, including some 100 staff members who have a doctorate degree.

About one-third of SUMC’s staff have educational or employment experiences outside China. To meet the demand for greater internationalization, SUMC has increased effort in training faculty members to teach medical courses in English. There are currently over 30 international faculty and staff members at SUMC, and this number is quickly increasing.

4. State-of-the-art facilities

SUMC has modern buildings and state-of-the-art facilities for MBBS students. This includes the popular Medical Education Center, two huge libraries, the Simulated Medical Center, Human Life Science Hall, more than 50 athletic facilities, the newly built sport and entertainment park, a 200 room boutique hotel and more.

5. Internationally competitive

SUMC’s educational approach and methodology comply with applicable international standards such as the Global Standards in Basic Medical Education of the World Federation for Medical Education, the WHO Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Traditional Medical Education and the Global Minimum Essential Requirements in Medical Education.

SUMC students in the Operating Room
6. Comprehensive affiliated hospitals

SUMC boasts an extensive network of five affiliated hospitals with over 5,500 patient beds and six associated partner hospitals to service eastern and northern Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta as well as Hainan and provide clinical training to medical students.

7. Advanced computer networking system

SUMC gives priority to applying advanced internet technologies in teaching, scientific research and administration. SUMC has set up over 30 themed websites for teaching and learning. In particular, the Clinical Skills Center web portal, because of its rich resources, is very popular among our students.

8. Modern information services 

SUMC established various network application systems to provide network services for teaching and self-directed learning, including the online course evaluations, online grade reports, online USMLE tests, online self-study tests, interactive English learning network, interactive digital microscopy learning system and mental health testing system.

9. Significant research initiatives

SUMC is a major medical research base in southern China with several important research centers, research units, and key laboratories. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at SUMC’s disposal, international teams of first-rate scientists have been able to make significant scientific contributions and breakthroughs.

Students are actively involved in SUMCsresearch activities, as the strengthening of their research abilities forms an important part of our educational model.
10. National and international academic exchanges

SUMC has exchange agreements with partner institutions around the world and the college regularly receives foreign students for short-term study programs in various disciplines.

Since 2009, SUMC has also started offering bi-annual training programs on traditional Chinese medicine. In some instances, international exchanges will be sponsored by Chinese government scholarships. Foreign students are also welcome to participate in short-term community health service projects as part of the exchange program.

11. High graduate employment rate

The average annual employment rate for SUMC’s fresh graduates has been between 97-100%, topping the ranks in Guangdong ever since the provincial government began publishing these figures in 2001.

12. Community centered service

Health community service is a top priority among SUMC students and staff. In partnership with the Li Ka Shing Foundation, SUMC has been able to realize and institutionalize this ambition.

Thousands of SUMC students, health care workers, and faculty members, are actively involved in various charitable health programs set up by the foundation. They serve the community by providing the sick and needy medical services, pain relief services, nursing care, and psychological support.

Mr. Li Ka-shing with SUMC students.
13. Beautiful location

SUMC is located in the coastal city of Guangdong province. Unlike other big cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai, Shantou is less populated with only around 5 million inhabitants. Shantou is a highly urbanized city but it has successfully preserved its history and culture.

As one of the five original Special Economic Zones in China, Shantou is an important harbor, economic center, and knowledge hub in eastern Guangdong. The city is known for its pleasant subtropical climate, beautiful mountain, islands and shores, delicious seafood, and unique local culture.

14. Student-centered

At SUMC, the traditional teacher-oriented education model has effectively been replaced by a student-centered educational model based on the concept of life-long learning and focused on skills development and attitude cultivation.

Through interactive projects, joint case studies, group debates, book discussions, and journal clubs, and effective self-study, students at SUMC quickly develop their professional competencies and skills.

15. Multicultural learning environment

SUMC has one of the highest international student population among universities in China. With its supportive student community and diverse international faculty and staff, SUMC is best praised for its multicultural learning environment.

Local and international students will be able to meet students from all parts of the world, with different backgrounds. Students will be able to understand a wide range of cultures and create lifelong friendships.

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