5 Most Affordable MBBS Programs In China!

Being a doctor is one of the most rewarding and noble professions. However, getting a medical degree doesn’t come easy. It is an arduous academic journey and a big financial investment.

China offers hundreds of internationally-competitive, English-medium MBBS programs at affordable tuition fees. You can study for as low as US$5,500 per year and apply to tons of scholarships and grants. You can check more about the Cost of Living in Chinese cities here!

If you’re looking for the most affordable MBBS programs in China, here are five that you should check out!

Top 5 Low Cost Medical Universities In China

1) Capital Medical University (CMU)

Tuition fee: US$7,600 per year
Deadline of application: June 1 (July 2021 intake)

CMU has outstanding reputation for scientific research in the field of medicine. The medical school has partnerships with 14 Chinese hospitals and 20 medical schools around the world. CMU also offers scholarships for international students. Read more about the program here.

Capital Medical University International School offers the English-taught MBBS program for international students. 

2) Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)

Shantou University logo

Tuition fee: US$6,100 per year
Deadline of application: July 15 (September 2021 intake)

SUMC is located in Shantou, a beautiful coastal city in Guangdong Province. It is one of the few schools in China offering a 5-year MBBS program. The medical college has state-of-the-art facilities, including a simulated medical center where you get to practice your skills with the aid of virtual learning resources shared by the University of Alberta and Stanford University. Read more about the program here.

The Simulated Medical Center at SUMC is a state-of-the-art clinical simulation and learning  center designed as an actual modern hospital with simulation models, multimedia learning systems, and professional standardized patients.

3) Xiamen University (XMU) School Of Medicine

Xiamen University logo

Tuition fee: US$5,800 per year
Deadline of application: April 30 (September 2021 intake)

XMU School of Medicine has one of the most comprehensive curriculum and training in China. The school also boasts of modern facilities such as the XMU MBBS Center and students can intern in prestigious hospitals in and out of Xiamen. Read more about the program here. Aaliya Vij from India is an MBBS student at XMU, learn more about her experience here.

XMU MBBS alumni are fighting COVID-19 across the world. This is Dr. Isha Khokhar of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital in New Delhi, India. She is a graduate of MBBS at XMU batch 2011.

4) Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU)

Tuition fee: US$5,400 per year
Deadline of application: December 30 (March 2021 intake), August 31 (September 2021 intake)

Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) is a public medical university formerly known as Liaoning Medical University (LNMU). It is located in the coastal city of Jinzhou in Western Liaoning. The duration of the MBBS at JZMU is 6 years. The university is recognized by the WHO and graduates are eligible to take numerous medical licensing examinations across the world. Read more about the MBBS at JZMU here.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinzhou Medical University is a large comprehensive hospital founded in 1946. It is a state-owned Grade A hospital and one of JZMU’s affiliate hospitals where students undertake their internships. 

5) Jiangsu University (JSU) Medical School

Tuition fee: US$5,200 per year
Deadline of application: December 27 (March 2021 intake), July 31 (September 2021 intake)

JSU Medical School is known for having some of the best clinical lecturers in China with over 300 medical professors. Students also get to experience clinical internships in top affiliated hospitals and use modern surgical facilities on campus. Read more about the program here.

International students taking MBBS at Jiangsu University get the best medical internships in top affiliated hospitals.

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More Information About MBBS In China!

There are more affordable MBBS programs in China! Search more programs here and use the tuition filter to find the lowest fees.

For more information about the MBBS curriculum, student experiences, top medical schools in China, eligibility requirements, application documents and FAQs, you can read this comprehensive MBBS article here.

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