Cost of Living in Chinese Cities

China is huge country so the cost of living can greatly vary depending on the city or region where you settle. Like most countries, the cost of living in urban areas is higher than rural areas. Before you come to China, get a head start of the breakdown of living costs so you can prepare financially.


Cost of Living in Chinese Cities
Components of living costs
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Components of living costs


The cost of accommodation is the largest expense in China. However, if you choose to stay on campus (dormitories and student apartments), you will save a huge amount of money. If you wish to stay off campus and rent your own place, the cost is much higher, depending on the city and area where you plan to stay.


Food in China is significantly cheaper than in other parts of the world. You can buy groceries for a whole week for less than US $70. You can also eat out and taste authentic Chinese cuisine and enjoy a variety of street foods without breaking your budget. Western food chains across China offer affordable food for foreigners.


If you choose to stay off campus, make sure to rent a place near your university. You can walk or ride a scooter to save money on transportation. However, if you can’t find an accommodation near your campus, public transportation is available. Public transit systems in China are highly reliable and affordable. Buses are incredibly cheap, while subways and taxis are a little more expensive.


Utilities which include electricity, water, telephone, and Wi-Fi consume a large sum of your money in China. However, it’s still much cheaper compared to utilities in Western countries. The key is to plan a spending budget on utilities every month by adjusting your usage.


As home to many world-class universities, China is popular for offering quality education. But you’d be surprised to know that studying in China is way more affordable than studying in the US or the UK. In addition to affordable tuition fee, there are many scholarships in China that you can apply for.

Miscellaneous expenses

Personal care, healthcare services, clothes, entertainment, travel and leisure are all part of miscellaneous expenses. All these costs lesser in China.

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