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For the last three decades China has enjoyed explosive economic growth. As a global leader in industrialization, business, innovation and technology, China offers an attractive array of careers and jobs, above-industry compensation and an amazing work experience for international talents.

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Job Industries In China For Foreigners




How To Find A Job In China

Applying for a job in China is the same as the rest of the world. You find a reputable company who will sponsor your work visa, your resume, the company contacts you and the hiring process (e.g. interview, tests) proceeds. But where do you look for jobs in China?

If you study in international universities in China, they partner with many global companies or host job fairs for their graduating students. There are also reliable job boards in China where you can look for a job Here are some sites you can check out:

– LinkedIn
– CareerBuilder

Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

  • Learn how to write and speak Chinese. Search for programs here and start studying the language!
  • Study master’s and PhD. Professionals who have advanced degrees have a higher chance of getting hired in China. It will also make you eligible to apply for work visas within one year of graduation. Check our master’s programs here and PhD programs here.
  • Learn about Chinese business culture. Chinese people conduct their business affairs differently. You need to familiarize yourself about what to say, how you should act and show respect.
  • Join networking events. In China, it’s all about Guanxi (personal connections and relationships). Joining networking events will expose you to many business people who can connect you with a company looking for your expertise.

Learn more tips here.

How To Get A Work Visa In China

To get a work visa and start working in China, you need three things: work permit, Z-visa and residence permit. To get these requirements, follow the steps below after you are hired:

1) Prepare your application documents, here’s a complete list.

2) Submit your completed application form and documents to SAFEA. Depending on your employer, they can also process this for you.

3) If approved, you will be given a Notification Letter Of Foreigner’s Work Permit within 15 business days. You will also know your worker category (A-expert, B-professional and C-skilled).

4) Bring the notification letter with your passport to a Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for your work visa.

5)  Process your Foreigner’s Work Permit bearing your unique ID number at the local SAFEA office.

6) Get your Residence Permit Public Security Bureau Exit & Entry Administration Service Center. You need to pay 400 RMB and it takes one week to process.

For more information about the step-by-step process and other additional requirements, read here.

China Admissions Is Hiring

We are growing fast and looking for excellent, globally minded people to join our team in Beijing as we scale up. Check out current positions that we are hiring here, as well as out company culture and mission.

Study In China Now

Chinese Universities are now accepting applications for 2021 intake. You can start applying here.

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