How to get a working visa in China?

5 Steps to Get A Work Visa

Many students who graduated from Chinese universities are looking for opportunities to work in China. To work in China after your graduation, you will need to obtain a valid working visa and a working permit. The duration to obtain a Working visa takes about 3 months and there are 5 steps:

  1. Account registration – takes 1 week (注册账号- 1周)
  2. Notice of Work Permit approval for foreigners- takes 3-4 weeks (外国人工作许可通知 – 3-4周)
  3. Obtain temporary 3 months Working Visa – takes 2 weeks (转临时工作签证- 2周)
  4. Obtain a Work Permit for foreigners (blue card with your information)- takes 3-4 weeks (外国人工作许可证- 3-4周)
  5. 1-year Residence Permit (or 1-year Working Visa) – takes 2 weeks (1年居留许可- 2周)
Preparing Documents for a Work Visa

So which documents should you prepare to apply for the working visa (Z visa)?

  1. Copy of the passport (护照首页复印件)
  2. Two-inch photo with white background- 4 pieces (二寸照片(白底)4张)
  3. Copy of a physical examination form (should be done at the designated hospital of Chinese embassy)- 体检证明复印件(中国大使馆指定医院体检)
  4. The original certificate of no criminal record (do the authentication in the Chinese Embassy in your home country, or your home country Embassy in China). 无犯罪记录证明原件(到无犯罪记录需要自己国家的中国大使馆认证,或者自己国家驻中国大使馆公正认证)
  5. The original of the highest degree certificate of a university (do authentication in the local Chinese embassy or Chinese notary)- 大学学位证书原件 (到当地中国大使馆公正认证)
  6. The original of two years of working experience certificate after university graduation -毕业之后两年工作经验原件
  7. Updated Resume (from high school up to today, date not interrupted in-between) – 简历(从上高中写起到至今,中间不要中断)
  8. The original Work Certificate provided by the Chinese company which states your Full Name, Passport Number and Position in the company(工作证明)
  9. Copy of the Residence permit (住宿登记复印件)
  10. Documents No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 above should be translated into Chinese language and stamped by the Chinese company- 第4,5,6,7项材料需要中文翻件(加盖中国公司公章)

Even though the process of obtaining a working visa could be painful, don’t give up on your goal to work in China. For the smooth process, we advise you to prepare all the above documents, keep a good communication with your company HR and try to ask for constant updates, and just wait patiently.


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