International Students in China

Through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), international students from across the world are finding it easier to study in China. The BRI is a global development initiative developed by the Chinese government to build infrastructure and create investments. International education is not the main focus of BRI. However, the initiative has attracted an influx of international students across the world.

International Student Population

China attracts thousands of international students across the world each year. In 2018, China hosted 492,185 international students. It has overtaken the United Kingdom, to rank second globally behind the United States.

South Korea accounts for more 16% of foreign students studying in China. Countries such as Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ghana also have high student population in China.



Student Experiences In China

China is a whole new world. It has a unique culture and language. It is also one of the few countries in the world that have kept its traditions alive. You have so much to look forward to when you study in China!

Get your toes wet before you take the plunge by reading the challenges and triumphs of international students in China. Read more about student experiences here.

Why International Students Choose China

In addition to the beneficial effects of BRI, there are many reasons international students are choosing China.

Affordable education

Tuition fee in China costs far less than universities in the UK and US. For a lesser tuition fee, international students get quality education, the best university experience and competitive edge in the workplace. There are also a wide range of scholarships offered by the Chinese Government.

World-class universities

Through the Project 211, Project 85 and Double First-Class University Plan, China has produced world-class universities that have topped global rankings in the last decade. This includes Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,  Fudan University and more. Read more about the different projects here.

East-west focus

As a leading nation in the global economy, China has been at the forefront of business and trade. Many foreign governments and companies deal with Chinese businesses on a daily basis. Immersing in the Chinese culture is tantamount to excellent business strategy in winning clients. Studying in China gives international students cultural immersion, Chinese language proficiency and global exposure so they can be competent professionals in the future.

Lifelong professional relationships and friendships

Being an international student in China enables one to establish professional relationships, be part of an elite alumni network and interact with other students from all parts of the world.

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