Student from India finds Second Home in Xiamen University

Coming to China was not an easy decision for international student Aaliya Vij from India. It was her first time traveling overseas and the thought of being away from family made her a little nervous. But little did she know coming to Xiamen University in China would be the greatest adventure of her life.

Read about Aaliya’s inspiring experiences in China and how she found a second home in Xiamen!

Aaliya Vij from India
Undergraduate of MBBS
School of Medicine

They say “Rome was not built in a day”. It took millions and tons of courage to take this step to leave home and come out to study in China. It was also the first time I came out of my home country “India” but China welcomed me with open arms.

As we entered Xiamen, there was something really intoxicating about the beauty of this place. The sea over which our plane flew breezed directly into my heart. As we reached the airport, we were greeted by the great coordinators of Xiamen University. I had never imagined it would be so beautiful.

Xiamen City

Slowly, everything settled and I began learning about the Chinese culture food and their various festivals. I was thrilled to study a new language. Learning Chinese was not that difficult as people say it is! It’s just a matter of hard work, I guess.

Engaging in many Chinese activities, I saw the New Year festival, the dragon dance which left me spellbound. Being a vegetarian, it is a bit hard for me to find food everywhere in China, but Chinese cuisine is one of the most unique cultural heritages I have ever come across. I still tell people that you could live in China for the whole year without eating the same dish twice. The diversity of the people and the massiveness of the nation has made it possible for the people to come up with all very simple but nourishing foods.

Traditional Chinese cuisine. Aaliyah tells people that they could live in China for the whole year without eating the same dish twice.

The Chinese language activities at our campus taught me the most Chinese. It was in these activities that I encountered the funniest games I have ever played. I learned calligraphy, brushstroke painting, basic Chinese words and made a lot of friends.

Aaliya, in pink, with fellow classmates.

Living in China taught me a significant lesson – don’t just plan but more importantly, ACT! Your hard work will keep you going until the end, and the Chinese people prove this very well.

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