List of 45 Chinese Medical Schools Offering an MBBS in English

Are you ready to study for an MBBS degree in China? There are 45 approved Chinese medical schools offering an MBBS in English! Aside from these 45 universities, students will have to study for their MBBS degree in Chinese and receive a degree in Chinese – not in English.

Only 45 universities in China are qualified to teach the MBBS degrees in English and authorized to admit foreign students, according to the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE). The MoE has also said teaching MBBS courses under a bilingual curriculum in English and Chinese is “strictly prohibited”. The MoE statement comes ahead of the 2019 admission season when thousands of students are expected to apply to medical colleges across China.

“Schools not listed (in the list of 45 universities) shall not recruit undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine (teaching in English) to come to China, but only undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine taught in Chinese,” the MoE statement said.

It added: “…the training standards (studying outside the list of 45 universities) shall not be lower than the standard for those of undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine in China. ‘Bilingual Teaching’ teaching mode to recruit foreign students in MBBS is strictly prohibited,” the MoE statement said.

The complete list of 45 Chinese medical schools offering an MBBS in English to international students is below.

The number of medical students has been rising rapidly in China in the last couple of years. Authorities want to make sure international students are studying at the officially authorized universities. The Indian Embassy also announced that it has received queries from prospective students, and wants to emphasize that  “Prospective students are advised to note carefully that only these 45 Chinese Universities are authorized to admit international students for an MBBS degree in English.”

Please also be aware that you also need to check if you can be approved in your home country. Learn more about how to apply for an MBBS in China here.

Chinese medical schools offering an MBBS in English

Medical Schools in China Offering MBBS in English: (quotas of international students also included)

Jilin University: 62 (school year 2018-2019 was 100, 38 fewer)

Chinese Medical University: 100

Dalian Medical University: 100

Capital Medical University: 100

Tianjin Medical University: 100

Shandong University: 78 (school year 2018-2019 100, 22 fewer)

Fudan University: 100

Xinjiang Medical University: 100

Nanjing Medical University: 100

Jiangsu University: 100

Wenzhou Medical University: 100

Wenzhou Medical University (Overseas Schools): 50

Zhejiang University: 100

Wuhan University: 100

Huazhong University of Science and Technology: 100

Xi’an Jiaotong University: 100

Southern Medical University: 100

Jinan University: 100

Guangxi Medical University: 100

Sichuan University: 100

Chongqing Medical University: 100

Harbin Medical University: 60

Beihua University: 40

Jinzhou Medical University: 60

Qingdao University: 60

Hebei Medical University: 60

Ningxia Medical University: 60

Tongji University: 60

Shihezi University: 60

Southeast University: 60

Yangzhou University: 60

Nantong University: 60

Suzhou University: 60

Ningbo University: 60

Fujian Medical University: 60

Anhui Medical University: 60

Xuzhou Medical College: 60

Three Gorges University: 20

Zhengzhou University: 60

Guangzhou Medical University: 60

Sun Yat-sen University: 60

Shantou University: 20 (school year 2018-2019 was 60, 40 fewer)

Kunming Medical University: 60

North Sichuan Medical College: 40

Southwest Medical University: 60

Xiamen University: 60

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