Is It Worth Studying MBBS In China?

China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world today. With China’s rapid economic progress, its education and academic environment is also following suit. China has one of the highest international student populations in the world, ranking second overtaking the UK.

One of the most popular courses in China is MBBS. Many Chinese universities offer competitive English-medium medicine programs. But is it worth studying MBBS in China? Here’s a look at why an MBBS in China is worth your time, effort and money.

Top 3 Reasons To Study MBBS In China

1) World-class programs

China is home to world-class medical schools. Universities such as Shantou University Medical College, Nanjing Medical University and Xiamen University are recognized worldwide for their MBBS programs.

If you graduate with an MBBS from China, you can practice medicine in many parts of the world. You also get to learn traditional Chinese medicine which is unique to Chinese MBBS programs. Read more about the best English-taught MBBS programs or check out the 45 approved medical schools in China.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) offers one of the best English-taught MBBS in China. In this photo, students are trained in the Surgery Training Room in preparation for medical internship.

2) Advanced medical facilities

China has advanced medical systems, top-tier hospitals and thousands of research facilities. With all the effort that it has placed on health care, China is highly reputed for being at the forefront of modern medicine.

From AI, telemedicine, medical robots and more, China uses modern and state-of-the art to make medicine more efficient and accessible. Read more about the five technological innovations shaping China into a healthcare haven here.

Beijing Puhua International Hospital has pioneered the minimally Invasive brain repair procedure, using the Remebot is currently the world’s most advanced neurosurgical-aided positioning system.

3) Affordable tuition fee and availability of scholarships.

China has many low cost universities offering MBBS which creates opportunities for foreign students. Studying medicine in China is 70% cheaper compared to universities in the US or Europe. You can study for as low as US$5,500 per year in Chinese medical schools. The cost of living in China is also fairly low compared to other countries.

Aside from the affordable tuition fee, you can also apply to numerous scholarships. Some are offered by the government while others are offered by private institutions. Some are full scholarships while others are partial. Check out the process of applying for a scholarship here.

In picture: Jiangsu University MBBS students. JSU’s MBBS program is one of the most affordable in China. 

How To Apply For MBBS In China

Applying to an MBBS program in China is so easy. You just need to find an MBBS or medical school here, meet the eligibility requirements and submit your documents, pay the required fees and wait for your admissions notice!

For more information about the entry requirements, application process, required documents and frequently asked questions, you can check our complete MBBS guide here.

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More Reasons To Study In China!

China Is A Beautiful Country

China is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites so expect a lot from China! It’s an amazing tourist destination where you can have fun and immerse in Chinese culture.

You can visit the Great Wall of China in Beijing, The Bund in Shanghai and The Li River in Guilin, which is China’s most celebrated scenery.

Kashgar is one of the amazing cities that is known for its diverse culture a variety of foods. Harbin, a city in northern China, is famous for its ice festivals. China is definitely a destination you must visit at least once in your life!

Harbin, located in the north of China, has dry and freezing-cold winters, which makes it an ideal winter destination. The famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is now on its 36th edition.

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Learn Chinese

As China continues to rise in the international business scene, more and more people are learning Chinese. There is no better place to learn Chinese than in China. You can write and speak Chinese faster because you are immersed in the community and conversing with locals too.

Chinese culture is quite interesting and unique. Once you get to China, you will see it for yourself! Check out top Chinese language programs for international students.

Amazing Student Life In China

Moving away from home to another country can be quite challenging. You might wonder if you’ll be able to adjust quick enough, and whether you will find good friends. Many students have felt that way before.

Peng Peng Zheng from Singapore, was a student at Wuhan University. She always felt the warmth of the Chinese people and felt welcome in the country. She was so impressed at how she was treated by her Chinese classmates that she treated her whole class to dinner.

Mutegeki Samson is a student from Uganda who attended Beihang University. When he first came to China, he could hardly understand the language so he couldn’t buy a mobile phone. Fortunately, he had Chinese roommates who were able to help him purchase a new phone.

Like Peng and Mutegeki, you can have the best student experience in China too! Read more student experiences here.

Study MBBS In China

Get out of your comfort zone and explore China in many different ways. You can apply for any MBBS program in China here!

You can also join our Wechat group for MBBS in China 2021 updates here.

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