8 Apps To Learn Chinese Online For FREE in 2024

There’s a mobile app for just about everything, so it’s not surprising that there are so many apps to learn Chinese online. They are an awesome addition to your learning toolbox, along with Chinese TV shows, movies, and Chinese songs.

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Psst–do you want to learn Traditional Chinese? Click here for more apps to help you learn it! (What is the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?)

Are you ready to learn Chinese fast? Check out these popular Chinese language apps that you can download for free and use anywhere.

Top Mobile Apps To Help You Learn Chinese Online For Free

Most Chinese learning apps are powered by Spaced Repetition System (SRS). This is an algorithm that intelligently schedules Chinese characters to be reviewed at the most efficient time possible: just before you forget them.

Studies say SRS increases memory retention which makes learning a foreign language faster.  Now that you know what SRS is, check out the best apps to learn Chinese for free!

1. Lingbe (iOS/Android)

Apps to Learn Chinese Online

Using Lingbe, you can call other Chinese learners (totally free) or native Chinese speakers (pay only US$5 for 1 hour of conversation) to practice your Chinese. Lingbe is fast, low cost and anonymous. 

2. Anki (iOS/PC)

Apps to Learn Chinese Online

Anki is an app that uses SRS. You can download pre-made flashcards or make your own. You can then grade how well you know the card: “Hard”, “Good” or “Easy”. But the best thing about Anki is it’s open-source and easy to customize. Rich, CEO of China Admissions personally uses Lingbe.

3. Duolingo (iOS/Android)

Apps to Learn Chinese Online

Duolingo helps you learn Chinese through interactive games and bite-sized lessons. For beginners, you start with lessons such as greetings, numbers, names etc. Advanced learners need to take a placement test.

4. Memrise (iOS/Android

Apps to Learn Chinese Online

Memrise is a flashcard app that helps you memorize Chinese characters by using mnemonics and SRS. You will choose your own course and study it, after which, Memrise quizzes you on them using fun games where you get badges and virtual rewards.

5. Skritter (iOS/Android

Apps to Learn Chinese Online

Like Anki and Memrise, Skritter uses SRS but what’s unique about this app is it has a smooth on-screen handwriting feature that you can use to actively recall how to write Chinese characters wherever you are.

6. Hello Chinese (iOS/Android

Hello Chinese features mini-lessons delivered through fun games. You can use their handwriting tool to practice writing characters. If you would like to speak conversational Chinese fast, this app has many listening exercises and a speech recognition tool to help with your pronunciation.

7. ChineseSkill (iOS/Android

ChineseSkill is the only app that follows a curriculum designed by veteran Chinese teachers from Peking University, the best university in China. This app features automatic speech assessment, character handwriting and pinyin tone animation.

8. Ling

Ling App distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface and extensive language courses, providing over 60 languages, including unique Eastern European and Asian languages absent from other language apps. With each language pack featuring over 200 lessons, it enhances skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, catering to users from beginner to advanced levels.

What sets Ling App apart is its innovative language learning approach, incorporating interactive games and quizzes for an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Additionally, it includes real-world scenarios to facilitate understanding and practical use of the language in context.

Self-Study Chinese

Using the apps here, you can create a learning plan to help you advance your Chinese level, or maintain your current one.

Read our strategies on how to self-study Chinese successfully.

Best Books About China

Also, check out the list of the best books about China and learning Chinese here.

More Tips To Learn Chinese!

Check out Zhongwen Chinese Popup Dictionary.

It’s a google chrome extension you can download. Any Chinese character you come across you can just hover your mouse over it to see the meaning. This literally saves you so much time instead of constantly copying and pasting into Google translate!

Apps to Learn Chinese Online

Aside from downloading apps, one of the best ways to learn Chinese is to enroll in an online Chinese Language course.

You can choose from one-on-one or group online classes at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Dalian Neusoft University of Information (DNUI), Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC) and more. Check out more programs here.

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