Cool Chinese Learning App for 2022: Free Language Exchange with Lingbe

When learning Chinese (or any language), it is really important to have as much practice with native speakers as possible.

This is not always easy. If you are living in another country, there are few Chinese speakers around to practice with.

But even if you are living in China, surrounded by Chinese speakers, you will still like this app.

Lingbe is a language exchange app. You can call a native Chinese speaker to practice, anytime. It will connect to a speaker of that language so you can practice.

How does this Chinese learning app work?

It is really simple. You can just call and after about 10 seconds to 1 minute and you are connected to a native speaker.

chinese learning app Lingbe

When do I use it? 

I am living in China, and I also have a 1 on 1 Online Teacher with BLCU, so I do already have a lot of opportunities to practice Chinese.

I have used the app when I want to practice some specific topic before I am giving a presentation in Chinese, if I have 10-15 minutes to spare. I also use it to practice something I have learnt in a Chinese lesson I have had, or if I have some specific question about something in Chinese.

Why is it cool?

– It is fast
– It is low cost
– It is anonymous

Being anonymous is cool, because it means that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, you can just speak freely and openly.

Though, just as in real life, I would still exercise common sense and be cautious about revealing too much about yourself. The app doesn’t have “real name verification. And this app does have the potential for abuse, I don’t think it should be used by under 18s (and it doesn’t seem to have any blocks to prevent minors from using it).

Having said that, all of the people I have spoken to have been great and the community. There could be potential benefits of making new friends which could become real life friends.

How much does it cost?

You can have some free practice conversations with other learners. To speak to native speakers you need to pay. You can pay with Lingos which is the app’s virtual currency. I suggest speaking to native speakers for the full experience.

You have two ways of getting Lingos. You can pay for Lingos with money. The cost is about $5 USD for 1 hour of conversation, so it is less than a 1 on 1 Chinese speaker.

Or you can earn Lingos by doing conversations in your own language with people who want to learn. You can also earn lingos by doing some tasks, such as watching ads, sharing with friends, etc.,

How to download the app? 

You can download the app here:

Google Play:

You can also get 100 lingos by using the referral code: “richardco” when you sign up!

There are also other free Chinese learning apps that you can use along with Lingbe to increase your Chinese ability this new year!

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