How I Got Accepted To Study MBBS At Zhejiang University


Zeyad Mohammed is originally from Egypt, but he has been in China for 10 years. After completing his secondary studies, he wanted to pursue a degree in medicine in China. Zeyad had the option to apply to the university directly, so why did he choose China Admissions? Read what he has to say and his experience working with us!

Zeyad’s Personal Experience With China Admissions

China Admissions is one of the most reliable education platforms for students who want to study in China. We have a friendly and intuitive website that helps students look for and apply to top Chinese universities and programs. When asked how Zeyad found out about China Admissions, he shared:

“I just searched online about studying English in China and China Admissions’ website was recommended.” 

Zeyad got in touch with us, and we recommended that he check out our site. He then decided to apply for the MBBS program at Zhejiang University. Zeyad decided to send his application through China Admissions for one reason – personalized service. 

“Working with China Admissions has been a great decision. Everything has been very smooth and easy. The people behind China Admissions are patient and helpful. You really opened many opportunities for students to apply.”

Zeyad successfully gained admissions to the MBBS program at Zhejiang University. He was so happy with China Admissions’ guidance that Zeyad recommended us to three of his friends.

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